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  • Thanks, I am doing well (i think you sent this before skype lol) I hope the same for you too.
    Let's keep stalking each other until we're both working for pixar ;)
    Hey hit me up on an IM client or something. Is it possible to change the color of pikachu's thunder?
    Cant you even edit the damage they do? O_o I thought that was possible since balanced brawl increased Mario's fireballs damage by 1%. :/ But oh wellz.
    Well, we can't edit projectiles yet, and a lot of what you said includes that.

    We need to make his Dair better for sure, and a faster uair.
    But otherwise it's impossible :(
    What about the stuff that made him cool in melee? :S Like a frame 5 upair, fire arrows that curve more downward and do 8%, boomerang sweetspot's 18% and extreme hitstun, multi hit bombs that set up for any aerial, etc? And how about his dair? Does it kill character at like 100-137% without DI, 100 being jiggs and 137 being snake. I wish I could make my own YL pac :/ but sadly IDK how to use PSA at all.
    Thanks for bumping ^_-

    Yeah I made a little progress. Jack Harvest wants to do it with me and he is figuring out PSA atm. Also Phantom Wings said he was going to re-release PSA with a better interface. I'm happy about that!

    I'm sure we can get it released before school starts or perhaps at least before September ends if PW ends up taking forever with the new PSA.
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