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    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    fight me irl im on galaxy right now under the name of "nipple warrior" i will play all week long then mysteriously disappear for another 6 months kkthxbai
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    Smash 64 Online Matches Stats./Rankings

    That is so not a completely irrational and illogical way of measuring skill.
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    Sheermadness vs. Zenyore Dual Combo Video

    That is one funny video. I'm actually dumber. lolno Actually I may very well play Boom on console around May/June. If he brings his capture card then he'll probably record me getting leh jv 6 stock'd by his AIDS. We'll see.
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    Sheermadness vs. Zenyore Dual Combo Video

    Warning! The last reply to this thread was posted over a year ago. Please make sure you are not unnecessarily bumping this thread before replying. Come at me bro. Seriously though, I don't feel as this bump is unnecessary, since only a few people saw this combo video as it quickly went down...
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    Sensei's trip to Las Vegas

    This. And Peek~ is the coolest man alive.
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    The Story called HELP, by MATTS!

    Captain Falcon is a pretty cool guy.
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    FRIST 10ch

    FRIST 10ch
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    Enjoy your nonexistent AIDS

    Enjoy your nonexistent AIDS
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    New North American Online Player Tier List

    Lies, I actually played a grand total of 3-4 games today due to the amazing latency. Regardless, I still took the time to DL 3 different versions of PJ64K, look for my USB adaptor and calibrate/AIDS my controller. A bit of appreciation would be appreciated.
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    Nice title bruh. And I think it would change a lot. Would make characters with crap recovery such as Link / Ness to recover with much more ease.
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    New North American Online Player Tier List

    Imma be playing some SSB64 on Galaxy this weekend if anyone cares [no one does D:]
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    change of plans: OTTAWA smashfest?!

    ohai thar We'll see, boom. We'll see.
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    Kaillera SMASH RULES

    Cool constitution brah
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    "Zenyore : The Application" - YouTube Re-upload

    Correct. I re-checked and this video was originally uploaded on April 9th 2009.
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    "Zenyore : The Application" - YouTube Re-upload

    Before you watch this video, I want to point out it is NOT 30 minutes long. YouTube decided to be a little girl and put the montage twice in a row (the video is originally 15 minutes long), so please, ignore the last 15 minutes of the video. This...
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