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Recent content by Zekk

  1. Zekk

    Pillar combo interrupts

    L canceling and spacing is the issue in that scenario but yeah extending the combo with a different move like u tilt works better overall
  2. Zekk

    Multishining Falco Onett vs target stage

    So basically my question is why does everyone practice multishines on onetts tree vs the small crevice on the right side of falcos target stage I think it is way easier to learn on the target stage.
  3. Zekk

    How to deal with a fast/agro Fox?

    well if you let an aggro fox walk over you you are playing his game I would try and learn his habits but start out baiting him and keep him in hit stun because aggro players dont usually have the best defense mostly just punish game as falco his shine and pillar combos along with tricking the...
  4. Zekk

    Netplay Practice Partner

    if you live close to me i would love a sparring partner and i might not be great but i can teach you basics my neyplay is just zekk just tell me your from smashboards
  5. Zekk

    What is your signature move/style with Falco?

    I'm a big fan of those odd but somewhat known combos like I'll shine dair you upsmash downair and then falling up smash for extra damage. Or I like to shine bair and if they di towards me dair
  6. Zekk

    whats holding you back right now traviling stess?

    whats holding you back right now traviling stess?
  7. Zekk

    Go to ohio pls lol I wanna play you soooo bad dude i got to play against hbox mango and armada

    Go to ohio pls lol I wanna play you soooo bad dude i got to play against hbox mango and armada
  8. Zekk

    How do I convert off throws?

    here are a couple options D-throw Wavedash to the enemy shine dair ect. F-Throw Wavedash in front of the enemy up tilt combo shine ect. U-throw dair follow shine sombo ect.
  9. Zekk

    Midwest [Apr 19, 2015] Rubber Town Monthlies: A Super Smash Bros Melee and... (North Canton, Ohio)

    Is this tourney still in effect? also where is the venu at a house bulidling ect. ?
  10. Zekk

    ♥ Falco Video Critique Please ♥

    Ok so I watched the first one and this is what I think Your edguguard game was excellent keep it up I feel your get ups could use a little more creativity Your punish game would be a lot better if you wavedash into your shine Try and put some more nairs in there i see alot of bairs which is...
  11. Zekk

    delete this

    Most likely you will lose but heres my suggestion pick two characters train like ten hours a day 5 tech skill and 5 just regular testing and make sure all the advanced techniques are second nature
  12. Zekk

    How do I get used to playing on other stages beside FD?

    If you're willing to spend the kind of time i did i suggest you go on every legal tourney stage set them as your random and play 60 minutes on each just practicing tech skill and getting in the enviorment
  13. Zekk

    New kid on teh block :P

    I suggest you watch videos on youtube and sign up for that falco school thingy
  14. Zekk

    Questions about wavedashing with Falco

    Use his wavedash to follow things up I suggest you watch Dr.PP's combo video and watch his wave dashes and his shines and practice from that.
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