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Recent content by Zeke78

  1. Zeke78

    How to catch diddy's banana a certain way

    if you mean the backwards short hop where you do a backflip then I know what you mean
  2. Zeke78

    Instant up air kill confirm(?)

    One cool option that I've theorycrafted that I need to test is full hop uair out of shield. if you put banana at roll distance by the ledge and then shield at neutral getup distance, a lot of people will jump so maybe you can fh uair fair them for a quick 16 and more stage control
  3. Zeke78

    Instant up air kill confirm(?)

    just tested this - double uair doesn't work on di out. diddy doesn't have enough air acceleration to follow the di. dair works -- but only as an air dodge read. you can also get reverse uair which can lead to a bair. fair is good. i need to test footstools still
  4. Zeke78

    The ideal patch: Diddy Kong

    dash attack sucks lol. and the bkb increase would probably be a buff vs fastfallers since it's easier to followup without them jabbing at low %
  5. Zeke78

    Diddy Kong Discord?

    anybody looking for a link after October 20th, 2016 i'll quote an announcement i made in the current discord: "Btw for anyone new, we had our old server sabotaged by what was either someone gaining access to blank's account or blank going rogue. Although it's unexpected since he was the...
  6. Zeke78

    Diddy's Throw Combo Compendium

    idk how to quote stuff so I'll just post 1. because uthrow footstool isn't a combo 2. because diddy has safe combos he can go for and then reset back to neutral rather than risking messing up and getting punished. furthermore, it can be di'd in multiple parts of the combo that makes it fall...
  7. Zeke78

    What is the general consensus on Diddy's tier placement?

    As you can see from reading this thread, there isn't one othere than top 10
  8. Zeke78

    Who Counters Diddy Kong?

    CPUs won't improve your match up knowledge or determine your skill in a match up at all
  9. Zeke78

    [v1.1.6] Cranky's Wisdom: A General Diddy Kong Match-Up Discussion Thread!!

    mewtwo? we have sonicninja who has good knowledge on the mu
  10. Zeke78

    Work In Progress Cranky Kong's Wisdom: Tech and Knowledge Compendium

    There really aren't a lot of people using them yet but you should make a section for footstool combos. Dthrow > footstool > dair leads into a few things. My personal favorite followup is nair and then either an aerial or another footstool. If you land a second footstool you can fastfall and jab...
  11. Zeke78

    Social Diddy Kong Social Thread

    Yo guys I'm Zeke. You probably recognize me from discord or something.
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