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Recent content by Ze Diglett

  1. Ze Diglett

    After Ultimate, will the next Smash be a complete reboot?

    Honestly, I'm less in favor of a "reboot" per se and more in favor of the next game(s) just not being directed by Sakurai. The man's done great for the franchise and all, but it has gotten pretty stale and formulaic IMO and Ultimate pretty much seems like his swan song for his vision of the...
  2. Ze Diglett

    Unpopular Smash Opinions (BE CIVIL)

    I think the next Smash game should be a reboot of some kind, or at the very least take the franchise in a new direction. Ultimate seems kind of like Sakurai's swan song for his vision of the franchise, and let's face it, this series has been pretty mechanically stagnant since Brawl. (Sure, the...
  3. Ze Diglett

    Alola's Arboreal Archer - The Decidueye for Smash Thread (RIP the dream)

    Yeah, I'm not optimistic. I don't think being a starter in Legends: Arceus is a big enough point in the owl's favor, and if we get another Pokemon at all, I fully expect it to be from the most recent generation as has been the status quo for three games now. Would be super happy to see it, though!
  4. Ze Diglett

    Social Two Sides of the Same Aegis: The Pyra & Mythra Social thread

    My mind for that alt jumps to Malos; it's thematically fitting for Mythra to have an alt based on her fellow , and that POTD in particular seems to be based on the fight against Malos at the end of Chapter 1.
  5. Ze Diglett

    Social Two Sides of the Same Aegis: The Pyra & Mythra Social thread

    I honestly don't see the point in bemoaning one character being "worse" than the other when we don't even know the differences between them yet. The point of this character clearly isn't to decide which of the two is "better" and exclusively use that one; it seems to be to use one when avoiding...
  6. Ze Diglett

    Social Two Sides of the Same Aegis: The Pyra & Mythra Social thread

    Congrats, all. My go-to would have been Zeke, of course, but it's not like he was gonna get in anyway. This is truly a glorious day for Xenoblade fans everywhere!
  7. Ze Diglett

    Mmmmmm... Morshu (Zelda CDI) for Smash Ultimate

    I come back to this site after months of absence and find that my own Morshu videos have been posted here? Small world. You must be great fun at parties.
  8. Ze Diglett

    Geno's Bizarre Adventure part 2: Stardust Crusaders (Geno Support Thread #2)

    Guess we have a new thread now. Probably won't be around much, but hi. Not expecting Geno until next game at best, but I've been distancing myself from Smash and playing other things anyway. :p
  9. Ze Diglett

    Rate Their Chances - Smash Ultimate Day 613: Carmen Sandiego (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?)

    Alright, I'm coming out of my hermit shack just this once for the occasion. I love Xenoblade 2. It's been one of my favorite games since I first played it and I've gone on record stating that while I'd love to see a XC2 fighter in this game, I'd also resigned myself to the fate that it was...
  10. Ze Diglett

    Critique Super Smash Bros.

    Ok, I know I implied I was done with this last time, but by golly, there are some things here that just have to be addressed. So you call me a "candy ass" who isn't capable/willing to adapt, and yet when I list an example of a game that I was willing to learn and adapt to in order to have fun...
  11. Ze Diglett

    Critique Super Smash Bros.

    I'mma be honest, I completely missed this post since I don't check Smashboards too regularly anymore and I made this post nearly 3 months ago. Full disclosure, I don't particularly care what happens to Smash anymore since I stopped playing it entirely and mostly play Rivals of Aether these days...
  12. Ze Diglett

    Ready to crush some babies!- The Heavy(TF2) Support thread

    I highly doubt TF2 getting a console port of any kind at this point. It hasn't been on console since release, and I dunno about anyone else, but "console TF2" really doesn't sound appealing, especially considering how bare-bones the Orange Box release on 360 is. At absolute best, I'd expect some...
  13. Ze Diglett

    Critique Super Smash Bros.

    I mean, if I just wanted a sequel, I wouldn't be complaining about Ultimate, would I? In actuality, I want a sequel that takes the series in a new direction, and in a word, "reboot" is probably the closest thing to that.
  14. Ze Diglett

    Critique Super Smash Bros.

    I mean, I'm not cutting characters purely for the sake of it. I'm simply de-prioritizing characters that it doesn't make sense to keep around anymore. If you're gonna have to drop some fighters anyway (which the next Smash game will unless it's just a straight port of Ultimate), you might as...
  15. Ze Diglett

    Critique Super Smash Bros.

    You don't see how lowering the input lag helps casual players? You don't see how making the characters more practical and versatile would help casuals? You don't see how improving the ease and range of movement would help casuals? Alrighty, then.
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