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Recent content by zDuck

  1. Z

    Ruleset Changes V1.4 - UCF

    What is the current status of the hardware adapter? Is there any additional information you can give us?
  2. Z

    Instant No-Impact Land from Ledge

    Okay so I've done this a lot of times by accident You get 11 frames of invincibility on the stage To do this 1. Let go of ledge 2. 3. 4. Jump + hold in It's frame perfect and only works on yoshi's to my knowledge
  3. Z

    Using dthrow

    From 0 to about 60 percent samus can dthrow into tech chase. Similar to PAL sheik if they DI away then you have to do a perfect wavedash to end up right next to them. Following this you can do the standard dash attack/run dsmash/ run dtilt/wavedash dsmash/wavedash dtilt depending on percent...
  4. Z

    Aerial Interrupt Platform Tech Chasing

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EHdBkxPWbA&t=8m35s Do it, it's godlike. You have so much time to react to w/e they do.
  5. Z

    Duck Hunt's rapid jab?

    Does anybody know how to do the rapid jab instead of only the 3 hit combo? I get both and it's not very consistent which one i get.
  6. Z

    New Mechanic: The Rage Effect

    The mechanic is sort of silly I think... There's a point in a tournament set this weekend where a rosalina dash attacked me and I barely survived. If the rosalina had been a worse player and face tanked more projectiles I would've died. It's a very very strange thing to think about.
  7. Z

    How are you approaching with the Koopalings?

    A simple trick is spawning a mechakoops behind you, then running with it after it turns around to approach. This forces the opponent to either jump or shield which gives you an opportunity to punish.
  8. Z

    How do you Kill? What are some things I can do?

    If you guys are having issues killing you need to abuse up-smash OOS. Bowser Jr. has one of the fastest up-smash OOS in the game and the move is pretty disjointed (it hits grounded people too).
  9. Z

    D-tilt vs. f-tilt: when is the right time to use one or the other?

    D-tilt is faster and has less recovery time (less punishable on shield/if you miss). Unless you're going for a kill with f-tilt and you're absolutely sure it's going to hit you should always use d-tilt.
  10. Z

    Dair Spike

    Every hit except the last hit is a meteor (and the ground hitbox), if you drift away from your opponent while dairing you can in essence spike them. It's incredibly situational though.
  11. Z

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    PSA: Easy way to punish sheik downsmash Shield DI away first/second hit, drop shield, downsmash/d-tilt. Takes no tech skill or any sort of timing
  12. Z

    Video Critique Thread

    I know this was posted a very long time ago, but I wanted to add my 2 cents since I also used to watch a lot of IHSB videos (and I had no idea how he was beating anybody). When you're watching his videos watch his positioning relative the opponent (including what direction the opponent is...
  13. Z

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    Samus's arm grab-box can catch crouching puff, so it's actually not that bad
  14. Z

    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    Is anybody from michigan planning on going to SKTAR?
  15. Z

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    Haha never be afraid to voice your thoughts, I always appreciate people telling me stuff. On FoD I definitely agree with you, I shouldn't have missiled because of the top platform but for pokemon I believe missiles can help edgeguard because puff has to land somewhere on stage. Yeah thanks >.>...
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