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  • yo so i heard you're going to georgia for halloween

    are you guys staying sunday for melee? ooc
    This backlash is getting ridiculous. Your lucky your state realizes how bad he is.
    hey man are you going to mega smashes tournament in like, three days? im probally riding with cory....
    S I have two tables and two stands that allows for 4 setups [maybe 4+setups if I find the room] plus the projector ^_^

    all I'm missing are a few chairs for the two back stands, for in front of the projector, and possible some extras if possible
    hey casanova, what would be the best way to contact you? I wanted to discuss an october tournament and i would be interested if SC joined.
    Okay, cool beans Dev -- besides that and the slight chair problem I mentioned I should be good!
    Well, I'll need like 3. I can only bring a Wii and Brawl, and Anime has a Wii and Brawl, but that projector...many people don't like playing on it. You're bring a TV and recording device which helps. Still need at least 2 more TVs though to make this faster.

    How many people are you bringing with you again? Oh!Snap said he would ride with you.
    Hey dude, if you do plan on going to the tourney that I'm hosting on the 13th, just wondering if you know anyone else the plays Brawl/Melee that can bring a full setup like you can.
    All right, now that I have finnaly gotten situated in this new neighborhood for my fifth move in my travel history. It's time to start another area for smash, As you know my neighborhood has a roomy Home Theater that can be used for anything.

    I did some recon and found out that as long as you reserve it it's 'ours' all day, meaning this spot is will never fail in terms of Bi-weeklies. The only issue is cheap stands to put T.V.'s on and cheap chairs to sit in that will face the those same televisions. Oh and when we do start this others should try to car-pool, not enough parking for 'tons' of cars

    Besides that it's perfect!
    Lol I have no idea if it's any better or not.

    This is true. LoZR was doing well in friendlies vs Bill a week or so back I heard, so who knows?
    I'm assuming you're talking about Brawl, so I think it's really a toss up between Bill or LoZR. Karn has a slight chance at winning it too, but I'm not sure he's quite there yet.

    Based on tourney results, LoZR will get this. It's who I think will win, but Bill IS goin DDD on LoZR's Wario, so I dunno.
    Parents don't want me to go since I should be studying for AP exams which I could fit into my schedule but....they won't listen.

    I have no real reason not to be there basically. It sucks. I'd love to be there though, or in SC since it's been far too long since I've seen you bros.
    yo, im trying to help out the smash scene in SC and it would be nice for you to join our myspace group. we feel myspace is the best way to reach the largest amount of people :D plz join to help us out:

    sup, i see you live in SC!
    me and my friends are trying to start up a smash scene here and wed like to try to get all the help we can. if you interested plz join our myspace group:

    yo wats up man...if you play smash 64 im tryin to get a tournament together in Fort Mill...if interested just get back to me
    Out of curiosity, why does the name of the GE thread include NC in it?

    Edit: that is a badly phrased question. Mah bad bro. It was only curiosity, but I was told that GE is very close to NC, and while that doesn't matter anymore, I'd just like to clear that up.

    Good luck with finding your new venue bro.
    Hey bro, I beat Ali in tourney. Two sets. He only got a game on me. Vids are coming soon, promise.

    Wait, were you there when I played him?
    hey man, at the tournaments at gamers edge do you guys use wiimotes or gamecube controllers?
    I wish I had a ride to go to tournaments. The only thing I got going for me is online right now, and ive been on and off with playing Brawl. Im pretty sure i will be able to make it up to South Carolina this summer, Maybe even on my winter break.
    Hey man, preciate you not jumpin over me in that GE thread.

    I like your Marth bro, when am I gonna get to play it though? I missed my chance at the last Billfest.
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