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    Events aren't as good as in Melee...

    I felt that Brawl's events were boring compared to Melee and lacked of originality, at least I found some fun in a few cooperative events.
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    I actually got a "With Anyone" game for once!

    LMAO. With anyone is horrible.
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    The Hardest game

    F Zero GX, beating all the cups was really hard not to mention the difficult chapters in the solo story but still enjoyed completing the game.
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    Stage Tournament: Pokemon Stadium 2 Vs. PictoChat

    Great Temple/Temple.
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    Stage Tournament: Pokemon Stadium 2 Vs. PictoChat

    I love both, but I will vote for Corneria because I like it more and I’m a Star Fox fan.
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    what game have you played the most hours on?

    SSBM Sonic Adventure 2 Batttle Goldeneye Pokemon Diamond
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    Who do you wish was kept in Brawl?

    Mewtwo, he was worth the spot of playable character and deserved to return, Lucario is too different from him, Sakurai just didn't wanted over representation.
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    SIG-NARIFFIC. Closed permanently.

    ^ Awesome, my friend and I love both the same. Thank you very much :)
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    What is your favorite OLD system?

    SNES. I loved games like ALttP and Super Mario World.
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    Wavedash (Vid)

    Very interesting discovery, I'll try it soon with Luigi and Wolf (even though he can't crawl) lol.
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    SIG-NARIFFIC. Closed permanently.

    ^ Oh my... that sig is awesome!! Thanks. Sorry to bother you (yes, again) but another friend of mine saw your cool skills and liked your work very much, he wants to request a sig. Images: From left to right 1. Ness:
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    SIG-NARIFFIC. Closed permanently.

    Hey sorry to bother, but could you make me another sig? It’s for a friend of mine. Images: From left to right 1. Pit: 2. Marth: 3. Snake...
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