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  • hey whatz up zack, there's gonna be a big tourney in wisconsin madison soon, come hang out with us, you don't have to enter anything but there will be pizza, which from the venue fee. so come by hot stuff
    Hey a few things (LOL) first is i have about a 80% chance right now of going to apex and I want to make an uber legit pichu guide that inculdes a lot of things i've discovered and how you treat things and etc. I'll makes videos and etc. to explain the things no one understands. I don't expect you to read this, but I would love it if you could help me write the guide. I don't know if you sti;; care or anything. I simplely don't quit trying as pichu.

    But this will eaily get way bigger I haven't even goten into frame data or some other really nerdly things I know.

    Pichu guide

    Yes I got you to read this. This guide will be beyond more than enough info so I will outline this in color to let you know what is important to techical people(purple), new poeple(red), and everyone in general(green). I may also need someone to translate this to people who don't speak carzy.

    WHY PLAY AS pichu?/intro.

    You may be ******** like me where you help no idea how use great options that marth, fox, falco, and sheik has. You could just love pichu cause he is cute or pichu is made for you for whatever reason. Pichu isn't built to be a tank or autowin. Pichu is about fooling your foe into doing what you want them to do most of the time. Unlike some bottom tiers if you played perfect frame data as pichu vs someone esle with perfect frame data you could still win with his worse range.

    ex.1 marth frame perfect vs pichu frame perfect pichu begins to jump marth notes, pichu enters marth's range and marth begins to swing, pichu air doges marth misses pichu gets a grab and racks up damage.

    ex.2 fox laser camps. most people are to slow to keep up with fox so they end up able to only powersheild when fox is to far. Pichu is fast enough to keep up and projectile back.

    frame by frame pichu can still stand a chance. So nothing is impossible till you believe it.

    Also to be noted is the fact that pichu does damage to himself, does that mean never use the moves??? NO, Take peach she CCs your attack and does Down-smash. Oh noes she took 10% and did 30% and is now in advance. No make sure you land the self-damageing moves, fair to grab to chain throw can mean 4% to you and stock to your foe, it's a decent trade if you ask me.

    Up-B funs

    Up-B does soooo much I would say pichu has the best up-B in the game(maybe 2nd due to bowser). Huge recovery and mindgames, Master both.

    Perfect up-B, up-B cancel, QAD whatever you want to call it, heck make up a new name.

    How to do, USE THE STICK press up and B and then to a side and you can slide around with it. It is really hard to master the timing and if you mess up you can easily take a lot of damage.

    1. to low you didn't jump at all and you have a lot of lag and will fall off of edges worse thing to do.

    2. to high you will have lag(a little less than to low) and fall off edges

    3. Perfect. it has about a 1-3 frame opening ad least. techically the same timing up a wd. Wants cool is there is no lag and the end part acts like a break so if you hit an edge you will stop moves forward. the break is about as big as pichu ducking best way to see it is by going to battelfield and to up-B on a platform form one end to the other and then to jump high before you up-B and see the diffrece of how far you went. Also there are only 9 frames of movement so it's really fast in the human reaction speed is like 10-12 frames, so unless you mess up or it's expected you should last it.

    On platform up-B acts differenly. on some platforms you can automaticly perfect up-B without any lag. like hyrules largest one and you will sometimes brake on the ends.

    parts of up-B
    1. this part can pass thought platforms, can't sweetspot, lands with lag, size of pichu, only on the first jump turns into the 2nd part on the 2nd up-b jump.

    2. can sweetspot, lands lagy, the distance of pichu's up-b,

    3. lagless landing, sweepsots, and the size of pichu you need to know how long this is if you want to up-B the edge and brake. also you can techically cut this part out of your up-B if you lightly hold up-B before you up-B your up-B will be shorter. at the end of this acts like you wavedashing, meaning you can quickly use an attack to make it a small bit shorter and if you had luigi's wd this would go super far.

    falling speed after up-B. when you up-B you have no air speed till you fall to where you up-Bed. why you never nearly sweetspot like fox.

    sweetspot range. Pichu has the smallest in the game it's about the size up his head.

    Double up-B. hold up-B angled a little to the left/right and press B and mash that way again congrats you can recover a little farther, but if you mess up you will only up-B jump once.

    terrain-walls act as auto brakes that don't normally cause lag. Be sure to test out how the perfect up-B works on all the stages you play on becuase like on DK64 in the middle you don't need to jump before you up-B so it's safer and 4 frames faster(due to removeing the jump).

    UP-B mindgames
    I'm not telling you more mindgame ideas I have a notebook with 20 pages of notes on mindgames/tactics. I don't want people to know all my tricks really there's a lot of things to do with up-B to break though people's walls. Really pichu is one of the best at getting pass walls, why I am starting to love the marth match-up and find it easier and easier as I play. But yeah no need to use perfect up-B more than like 0-6 times a match, at least that's what I do.

    up-B a general rule is not to repeat anything you've done recovery wise if you can help it so your recovery is unpredictable and hard to punish. also you can doube up-B as stated above, or ride walls but it shortens your up-B a decent amount, but the time spend against a wall is transfered to your next jump making you move or seem faster. Try to laglessly land if at all possible.

    side-B- if you use it smash side-B is makes it longer and if you change it up you change faster.

    B- you an B where you plan to land to stop their attacks and to make room for you, also if you hit a wall or ground level that is higher than a 45 dergee angle(see corn. your jolt will always go down if your airbore.

    wall jumps, it's another option that makes you harder to predict that gives you more options and sometimes lets you hit them.

    2nd jump- try to save it if you don't need it but you cam't make it back with just it.

    air-dodge- no damage is sweet and it's a decent option.

    fair- can beat some of your foes options to edge gaurd you like if they use the knee or your fighting another pichu/pikachu that trys to nair you. It's disjointed and beats a few moves keep it in your head.

    pichu has an insane number of options(like 100 options at least) at least in the top 5 recoverys and helps him edge gaurd farther out and makes that light wieght problem not so bad if you have decent DI.

    grab game

    Pichu has a better grab game than pikachu does for the following reasons.

    pichu has less knocjback on all throws meaning longer chain throws/tech chase and it's harder tp get away from his up-throw combos.

    pichu has like double the grab range and sheild size(they won't sheildstab if your trying to sheildgrab)

    more legit set-ups faster L-cancels means fair grab as pichu is more legit than it is for pikachu.

    but pikachu takes no damage and b-throw has more knockback.

    pummel-best with pikachu in the game comes out the fastest (frame 3) and does 2 more frames of hit stun.
    F-throw- non-legit chain throw but vs maybe peach till like 8%. works better than pikachu's. f-throw to air vs people to flaotly to combo with up-throw or to high.
    D-throw- really good tech chase that varies highly depending on di and it's only 100% safe to use vs falcon/falco/fox. till death vs some people you can get an unlegit down-throw up-smash.
    B-throw-good damage and can tech chase some people if you up-b after them great edge gaurd set-up.
    Up-throw-best throw, chain throws FFers and combos everyone esle you should easily be able to up-throw everyone to dair at any percent, but most of the time you can sneak in an upair. Also if you up-throw them onto a platform waveland onto it and tech chase them for another throw and then fair dropzone them to try get another grab. Noted not to hard to get out of also when near an edge don't fair up-throw dair for more knock back.


    Movement, remember finding nemo? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Pichu rarely needs to stop moveing because his standing options aren't nearly as amazing as his moving options. Pichu becomes shorter when moving which is really funny when you think about it. My point is a pichu moving is a safe pichu movement and mindgames and approach go hand and hand and make up pichu. He has a good DD and a useful wavedash and throw his up-B tricks and pichu really hard to predict he has a lot of options that don't suck then you throw in the nair that is easy to spam/combo very and really hard to punish, full hop B as a mix-up and other air attacks and he's approach isn't nearly as bad. You can also add in your own little things to mix up like different air attacks, full hopping some air attacks, running d-tilt or whatever you do that works for you.

    repaet to yourself movement movement movement master it it's your best friend I swear it is. Even is they have a much better movement game like they are fox you still have your up-B tricks you keep them on edge. In short then is no reason pichu shouldn't be able to keep up with or ever outrun. By no means is pichu slow or lacks options.

    WWWWWWWWWhhat pichu isn't broken or something??!!

    Surprisngly no pichu isn't broken for a few reasons. Like
    1. YOU yes your a flaw in pichu game, how you may ask? You can be sad,mad, or even be to sure of your self. If you have no faith in yourself or pichu you have a silmer chance than normal. People may drag you down nd tell you your a F***ing idoit i've been called ruder before. You can also easily be an amazing thing about pichu makeing him better than even before you are the limit nothing is set in stone and you are a winner to be. If you can do 22% on sheik in a 4 stock match and come out feeling great that you can do twice as good next match, I believe you won't have many problems.
    2. range, approach, what ever you want to call it pichu lacks it.
    3. pichu can't take a hit everyone grab ***** him, he is the lighest(recovery help a lot), and hurts self a little.(again your most likly useing that self-damage to hurt your fie and set-up things and rack up a lot of damage, also techs.
    4.really am I forgetting something? That's it.

    If you think pichu is worse than kirby please PM me we'll have fun.
    you have been warned.
    nah man, lol, I'm prolly not going to many tourneys for a while, kinda wanna pass my classes. Btw, idk if cosmo or quaz told you but I was lookin for you at smym lol, but its all good, I teamed with n64 last minute
    hey what does pichu have tech skill wise that's? other than double upair SH, scarjump double upair,pefect up-B stuff, and side-B cancels on PS and FD? I can't do the upair junk other than autocancel it
    I,ve never fought anyone worth talking about really once this one guy I beat his fox most of the time with pichu but yeah. I smash with my brother and he is a whiny A** B**** and lazy and johns so much in the fairest fights ever fox vs fox(FD) I didn't chain throw sounds pretty fair to me he said my fingers when to fast.

    Yeah he was grounded for being stupid in school and no one esle can play any games which really sucks for me because melee is my mental feul I NEED out of my mind every now and then if not I am much more prone to mental break downs. Plus one of my friend says they can wd and stuff as falco and sheik but he is grounded because his mom thinks he is on crack(he smokes pot). And I can't get out till 7:00 some nights and most of my friends are always going somewhere so I,m F***ed. Really when I can't play I train my mind like how I can play cheacker with myself. I play it without knowing what the other person is thinking I think what will I miss oh yeah I like to play suiside cheacker where if someone is on the wall the other piece can jump him they both die and the one that when over the edge is now a part of the board. All it changes is they won't wall camp or camp the end really as much
    Hey could you upload ONe match of you vs someone decent win or lose I could still tell if you suck when you win or lose? I love to study pichu matches. And when you make it to pound4 see if you could get any one esle to try as pichu just **** and people will be like woah
    I just looked at a mini map of your state and I said wow what a state the one I always forgot but remember where it was. Ps IN has more corn and better corn like if you guys had corn our corn would S*** all over your corn and ours would still be to good. Don't F*** with our corn the rest of IN will back me up on the corn thing. Really say corn says to the next IN. person (that's not me) and they will be P***ed

    I have like a 80% chance of going to pound4 have you payed and everything?
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