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  • Hello, Yuuki! I don't know if you'll see this, or if you were the Yuuki I just faced, but I was the Charizard by the name of 'Dave' you recently fought. They were great matches although I lost almost all of them, and I'd love to wish you GGs.
    With the way the eyes are drawn I thought Jiggly was wearing half glasses for a second. Do yo know what the japanese says? ... Then it grew giant biceps.
    ♥Pleased to meet you new friend! ^__^

    ♥Welcome to the group! ;)

    ♥Be sure to tell a little about yourself! ^__^
    Welcome Yuuki... How are you...
    hope you have fun on the Café Of Peace

    Also welcoome to smashBoards

    i hope you feel welcome here...

    well if you need anythink just give as a call...

    well take care bye maties
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