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Youngster Joey
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  • I just realized you are an Joey
    Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey
    step 1. play leeg once a month and pretend you know what youre doing

    step 2. pretend you found a smash game and main in that game and say "i found my way in life"

    step 3. hi <3
    Wow, thank you so much.

    I didn't know what a life was before now, but with you advice, i can finally be the best tortilla i can be!

    My people are very greatful

    hi <3
    Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey
    i was a tortilla once. then my tortilla unrolled and now i must learn the way of the burrito
    Hey, where have you been? also you're not playing brawl anymore? that's sad, well I hope you do great in project m then if nothing else.
    Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey
    i still play brawl a bit but im not nearly as competitive in it. since im not i use mk a bit more since he looks cool. i'll still play but i hang out in the skype arena a lot more. and im doing fairly well in project m. i use bowser so its still a struggle but i can manage. thanks for the message!
    God damni Jelly.

    While attempting to help you for Project M, I received a warning for it.

    Now you owe me :mad088:

    ....just get Project M in respect and gimme a hug!
    Yep, it's easy :p

    As long as you make sure you're on the correct side of the platform you should be fine~

    Just remember that you switch first, then hold diagonal and back ~ ;)
    You mean the forward Hydroplane?

    It actually does involve shell shifting, you just can't see it easily, because you jump to cancel out the animation.

    The easiest way to perform it is to dash forward, hit diagonal up and backwards, then immediately press Jump + A simultaneously.

    If you have tap jump on, then you only have to press A.
    (however, for PT, i strongly recommend tap jump off)
    If you don't know what to do vs a player, try very hard to find any habit and try very hard to punish them. You can also use a match just to find habits and then play seriously after. A few players that I used to think were impossible to fight are now a little easier after I found their habits. You can also use mindgames. One of my favorite mindgames is throwing out attacks on the ledge when my opponent is there, I also charge projectiles when i hit my opponent far offstage. When my opponent see's that I have a charged projectile, or that Im trying to attack them from the ledge, they will likely come back and shield, and then you can grab them.
    I like giving people advice when im not able to play, but I can play soon after finishing a half hour of homework.
    Did you replace your smash habit with something else? Maybe the problem is you stopped spamming smashes, but you didn't replace it with anything so you dont know what to do.
    We'll need to discuss a game plan beforehand.
    See if we can't mind-game these guys :smirk:

    We'll see.
    I'll try to spread the word now to those who are here, that way we might be able to do this tomorrow. :happysheep:

    Hmm... Guess not.

    Necro seems busy today.
    We'll get em' some other time though.



    They might just start getting nervous once they see the same people posting over and over.

    But it might help if we all stop at like... 195 so we don't get the asgjasgsdklghlasghlshglkasjglsdjgj 30 seconds :mad:

    :kirby: HAX

    Hmf. They win this round. Let us decide our attack via PM next time so no mod catches wind of it.
    I thank you brave soldier!

    The thread topic is listed below

    Made a post in the Arena about it :)


    Hi Jellybean

    We're about to spam the Bob-omb thread and reach 200 before the mods can notice
    There's going to be several of us, so we should be able to make it in time

    Will you help us? :happysheep:
    These are the notes:
    - You like to charge smashes when I'm landing
    - You like to charge Fsmashes on the ledge.
    - You don't bait air dodges
    - When I attack/combo you and you land on the ground, you likes to spot dodge right away
    - You fall for most baits and dont have baits yourself
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