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Recent content by young grasshopper

  1. young grasshopper

    Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition releases for Switch in 2020

    More like an extra cake on the cake, but the original cake is still worth it.
  2. young grasshopper

    Wooden Gamecube Controllers

    Price is to be determined. I will be doing more research on exactly how much work it will be, so I should be able to give an estimate within the next two weeks. At the moment, though, around $50 plus the cost of material and shipping is what I expect to be worth my efforts, and I can send it...
  3. young grasshopper

    Wooden Gamecube Controllers

    Hello, I am making this post to see how interested people would be in wooden shells and buttons for gamecube controllers. I am currently on a search for more productive hobbies, and old-school woodworking, with a focus on hand carving, is high on my list to try. Obviously, it will be quite...
  4. young grasshopper

    2D Ultimate

    Greninja would have the weirdest inputs, for sure. His Final Smash would require a back charge followed by a 623421 input. Hydro pump would be a full circle motion that can start at any point, so you aim based on where the motion ends.
  5. young grasshopper

    Can't get to SmashBoards on Chrome?

    I'm using Chrome right now, and I'm not having any issues accessing the site. You're probably right about the carrier thing.
  6. young grasshopper

    Joker Trailer!

    I'm pretty hyped for Joker, even though I've never played Persona. I generally like characters who have good movement speed, frame data, and disjoints. If he has grab confirms, then he might take Dark Pit's place as my main, but it's too soon to tell until I've actually played him a bit.
  7. young grasshopper

    Pokémon: Ideal Times (story I've been trying to write for eons)

    Your characters all seem to have distinct and memorable personalities, which is an amazing start! This is a story that I would want to read, so you better follow through with it :) If you don't mind, I have a couple of suggestions for you:
  8. young grasshopper

    Do you believe "white privilege" exists?

    Any trait you can think of will probably be advantageous in some situations and disadvantageous in others. Skin color may grant you more favor in some groups or less favor in others. However, ethnicity is a rather small factor compared to other sources of privilege or struggle. More significant...
  9. young grasshopper

    2020 US Presidential Election Discussion

    In my experience, centrists tend to vote split ticket depending on the candidates. Most people I've talked to who go third party or voteless are either uninterested in politics, or are philosophical libertarians (not necessarily Libertarian Party supporters). Personally, I'm not really sure...
  10. young grasshopper

    Why are people being taught to love socialism and communism?

    Socialism and communism naturally arise wherever success is vilified, envy is normalized, and property is misunderstood. They are especially common in societies that make heavy use of democracy, because they allow politicians to buy votes with other people's money. This is made all the worse...
  11. young grasshopper

    Discussing a voluntary society

    You can also try to hid from the mafia... That doesn't exactly make it voluntary........
  12. young grasshopper

    Discussing a voluntary society

    It sounds like you are coming from a consequentialist background. I am sorry, but I cannot give you a guarantee that freedom will be safe. It may very well be right that a free society will not be able to properly verify large companies, which might lead to disaster, or it might lead to more...
  13. young grasshopper

    Discussing a voluntary society

    Private roads would be cheaper and of a higher quality than government ones. This is because they would be funded by the people who want them, which means that they would be coordinated by people who have both the information and incentives necessary to make the roads efficient. People would...
  14. young grasshopper

    Discussing a voluntary society

    Prejudice is a problem that will not be solved by restricting a person's choice of association and governance. If people want to choose how they associate based on prejudice, that is bad, but it is not the kind of problem to warrant the use of violent force. Government control and regulation...
  15. young grasshopper

    Discussing a voluntary society

    I think trying to force one solution on such a large number of people whether they like it or not is a bad way to meet the basic human need for community. Take a look at Facebook, or think about the stereotypical Thanksgiving dinner, and then try telling me that the US government helps bond...
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