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Recent content by yohobojz

  1. yohobojz

    Event - EVO 2016 Understanding the EVO Salty Suite

    I enjoyed a lot of the matches and commentary, but I think it definitely could've used some more planning, as far as I am aware Bizz vs. Kage was the only thing planned out before July. And I know GimR is busy so it's hard to blame him for that, but still try to see where people are coming from...
  2. yohobojz

    Falco Combos

    spoken like a true falcon main
  3. yohobojz

    Knock back on falco's Up+B vs Up air

    if you're trying to kill someone off the top especially a mid weight/mid fall speed, which has more knockback at lower percents (let's say until 50%)? Shine --> Up B or Shine --> Up air Not taking DI into account
  4. yohobojz

    [Dec 6, 2014] IMDB 12: Killing Time Before Perkins (Madison, WI)

    Definitely coming to this cuz I love there obviously but anyways should be hype
  5. yohobojz

    Multishining and Westsballz Shining differences?

    Zurg was talking about Falco's jumpsquat I'm pretty sure, not sure what you're talking about the real albert
  6. yohobojz

    Short hopping out of shine...

    I think tap jump out of shine is only good for Shine --> Upsmash (which you will almost never use), Shine --> Up B stall on the ledge, and Shine --> Grab (which you should use A LOT). Otherwise you should probably only use x or y whichever you use to short hop normally. For shine bair at high...
  7. yohobojz

    [Jun 14, 2014] THE GOLDEN CHARIOT (Metairie, LA)

    as I asked before, is there any way to get the venue fee waived? Like with a set-up I mean
  8. yohobojz

    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    What is the input lag like for this, do people have any ideas? also please quote my post if/when you answer so I get an alert
  9. yohobojz

    Kings of the North 2 Results

    Frootloop won literally everything again haha
  10. yohobojz

    Kings of the North 2 Results

    God Alco is so bad, but xX420WeedWizardXx is pretty decent
  11. yohobojz

    Beginner Falco Questions

    Uh no you should be Dash Dancing + Lasering, and then lasering puts them in positions where you can maybe bair or uptilt them. Sometimes people will wavedash to RESET their dash dance because they basically messed up their dash dance, it's not to replace dash dancing. Dash dancing is presenting...
  12. yohobojz

    gneral diff between melee nd pm falco ?

    No not in terms of like L-Cancelling when you hit things, and also having the different sized models and things messes with visual cues (especially for hitboxes).
  13. yohobojz

    Beginner Falco Questions

    Wavedashing is laggy and generally you don't want to use it in neutral, however laser + dash dancing is amazing In the ditto tho you either need to platform camp or shoot first
  14. yohobojz

    Please Critique My Falco

    If you are having trouble killing floaties you can do laser --> dtilt or jab--> dsmash or just space bairs, in neutral you always want to use safe moves
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