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  • Yup yup, here it is: joshuzi at hotmail dot com

    I've been pretty good! And you? ^-^
    Just a heads up man, staff is supposed to use the red name all the time. Congrats on modship!

    And if there's a reason you don't have the red name on already, sorry haha.
    yeah im probs just gonna come for the saturday, always too tired after work to do anything. I haven't played craiigg either so should be good, and he said he's gonna try and get jam there :o
    hey man, just thought id let you know that im going down to craiigg's place this saturday, would be cool if you made it too
    Same! i love to go down there one day! if the cash is there i got this! =)
    and thank you! i appericate your support!
    oh and i got 2 extra n64 controllers somewhere aswell so just say if ya want me to bring
    hey man hope i didnt cross a line with the post on your torney thread just thought if it helped get more/different ppl in =)
    Darkside indeed ^^ i keep him in green as a tribute to toon link but have to use diff name cause u need tap jump on for MK i call it SHOOP *reasons* one cause of MKs Shuttle loop and cause of Shoop da whoop and Dr ocagonapus ',;D (sad i know)
    just a little warning mate iv started useing meta knight now as a second main its the voice that does it for me ',;D
    lol hope u do mate should do your pretty smart aint ya? ',;D i was thinking about haveing a little brawl get together at mine at some point i got this big caravan in ma garden that we can use but i think it might be better to do that when the weathers warmer
    lol yea i supose i cant say im a noob cause i havent got brawl anymore whens nxt smash day thing at yours?
    lol yea i do m8 erm and sure about the match tho all i know now are tricks with him my combos have just gone bad times =(
    I don't think I'm gonna go.
    College work and stuff is ****** me atm, and I don't know when that's gonna let up.

    Do I lose the game? :(

    I'll deffo come to your Smashfest tho :)
    hey, I don't remember putting down that I live in lincolnshire but I do live there outside term time! maybe you had a lucky guess..?

    I'm afraid I spend most of the year in london though, so I probably wouldn't be able to come.
    I agree with you.
    Once the avatar problem is sorted out on Smashboards though I was going to change it.
    I want a good sig, including my avatar and any old picture of Sonic and my name.
    Also a steak xD

    Also, hold a Smashfest next week. kthxbai ;]
    since forever^^, and yeah falcon and shiek are obviously the best characters in brawl... u gona get urself to the london tourney btw? looks like it will be kinda small, but still fun, ill talk to u on msn about it.
    Since when were you a premium member? lol
    Sonic's amazing, with his kill moves and range and that..
    But Falcon and Sheik are obviously better in terms of manliness.
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