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Recent content by Yann J.Ridin

  1. Yann J.Ridin

    I am not totally sure about DI with Luigi

    To understand DI: https://youtu.be/7RP3sbS7Dm0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkdPVUlrSOo To see its influence in game (and answering your questions): http://ikneedata.com/calculator
  2. Yann J.Ridin

    strange fireball things

    Do the longest WD for your Vududash so you can catchup the fireball. That means the flattest angle before the strait left/right airdodge. And fast fall you vududash when you left the platefrom to be grounded when the fireball come out (no need to ff all the time ofc). About fireball form the...
  3. Yann J.Ridin

    crouchcancel up-b?

    Mmmh, don't tink so but should be test. Anyway you would just get the variation of DI between 45° down left to 45° down right, or you would not crouching anymore.
  4. Yann J.Ridin

    crouchcancel up-b?

    The problem with Luigi is that he slide far when getting hit by a move while CCing. So it s hard to connect a little hitboxe like UpB even if it s quick (5 frames). Anyway, with a good spacing, most of the attacks can't be CC to UpB. In the same time, most of the attacks can be CC to UpB if...
  5. Yann J.Ridin

    Marth/Falco match up

    Ty man, I feel 20XX CPU is not useful because he can t teach you the neutral game, so it s better that he only do Random DI, the mixup recovery is cool though.
  6. Yann J.Ridin

    Marth/Falco match up

    Improving in general: play friendlies IRL/Netplay, play alone for mouvement and punishgame vanilla and 20XX 3.02, informe you: read all the http://www.meleelibrary.com/ , watch vods of pro and yours, work on your mentality in tournament (play to learn/meditate/ play the most important matches...
  7. Yann J.Ridin

    Marth/Falco match up

    I guess Armada said that if you dont pass the pools, you don't have to wooried about specific MU but more about general improvement/comprehenson of the game. I don't assume your level but if you are a 6 months player, I can imagine that simply improving in general will help you to cope with some...
  8. Yann J.Ridin

    "The acclaimed" Potentially new Luigi tech

    This stops the momentum cause there is a buffer for the Fsmash of 2 frames i guess. So you can start dashing 1 or 2 frames then pressing A and he will still do a Fsmash. So if you dash forward, it breaks totally the momentum of the WD and then Fsmash. If you want to WD fsmash while sliding you...
  9. Yann J.Ridin

    Approach mixups?

    Read this if you didn't yet: https://smashboards.com/threads/advance-attack-avoid-through-the-lens-of-luigi.389684/ And I won't call fireballs a "good option"
  10. Yann J.Ridin

    DI locks

    Yeah it's super important to have a solid punish game all set. I call it more DI trap/mixup. You don't have to turn around, uptilt annd upsmash all sent toward luigi. but you can cross up to trap the DI with upsmash or uptilt.
  11. Yann J.Ridin

    Luigi | A Guide to Mastery by Dire Creeper [OUTDATED - READ THE NOTE]

    Yo! I like your hitboxe ranges picture, i found it very interesting. I ve just found there is a 3rd hitboxe on the dair inside the meteor hitboxe. So the meteor part is more like this (Dark blue is first= id0, light blue is seconde =id1 and green (meteor ) is third =id2): http://imgur.com/NgSA5bh
  12. Yann J.Ridin

    Started the Luigi experience about 3 days ago

    At your point: http://www.meleelibrary.com/ https://smashboards.com/guides/categories/luigi.31/ And just play
  13. Yann J.Ridin

    Blea vs Druggedfox

    It s been a while now, but guess I remember he just go through his oppoenent with a WD facing backward. I dunno if the grab is on reaction while WDing when he saw that gravy is shielding. It s really important to play lik this: empty wavedash and react. and not Going for a classic WD +...
  14. Yann J.Ridin

    20GX on Luigi techchase

    You can't grab a misstech. Reaction time is about 200 t0 300ms so 15 to 19 frames. In sum, what is faster than 15 frames need to be guessed. My personal technique to techchase is: Dsmash if misstech or standing tech. Run to CC Dsmash if he rolls out. Dash JC grab if he rolls in.
  15. Yann J.Ridin

    Up+B Kill % | Character and Stage

    You can do it here: http://ikneedata.com/trajectory It is gold
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