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    What Are Your Unpopular Gaming Opinions? (Ver. 2)

    Here are some of mine: - Mario Kart 8 sucks and is overrated. I dunno, I can't simply have fun with it. Whereas, MKWii and MK7 I always have fun with. - Ultimate is a bad competitive game. Not as bad as Smash 4, but still bad nonetheless. - The song "Melty Monster" is very overrated. When it...
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    The Party Ball: What Is It and Why Is It Here?

    As a kid this item always intrigued me.
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    "Incredibly mashy player" welcome to Ultimate, were you get rewarded for mashing because of the...

    "Incredibly mashy player" welcome to Ultimate, were you get rewarded for mashing because of the low hitstun.
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    Rate Their Chances - Smash Ultimate Day 526: Jill Stingray (Va11 Ha11 A) as a Mii Costume

    My predictions are: Ryu Hayabusa, Doomguy, Geno and Tingle
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    Sakurai presents Steve and Alex for Fighters Pass 2

    So I guess this means no Bomberman or Travis Touchdown as playable fighters? (I know Bomberman is an Assist Trophy, but they could have easily included his modern design as a playable character.) Though this doesn't 100% exclude them of course.
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    Steve Broke Twitter and Smashboards

    He has only one thing to break now: the meta
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    What would be your choice for a new assist trophy character?

    Team Kirby (Super Kirby Clash) Each Kirby with each ability attacks everyone (except the summoner of course). Lighter attacks first, then they will finish with one chargable attack. (Twister Slash for Sword, Time Beam for Beam (which stops time for the enemy (simularly to Shadow's last...
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    Rivals of Aether Project Lead on the struggles of Switch Port

    Hype. Finally.
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    Rivals of Aether launches on September 24th

    Finally!! I wonder if there will be a physical release of the game.
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    Paper Mario: The Origami King Spirit Event Announced

    I think this ruins Paper Mario's chances to be in Ultimate, sadly. If he was a character then they would have saved those spirits till then.
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    Nintendo Indie World Showcase Announced

    Rivals of Aether finally??
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    Top Ten Mario Games of All Time

    0/10 no Paper Mario 64, TTYD and SMRPG.
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    Is sheik the new smash 4 jigglypuff?

    No. Character is high tier.
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    Smash Ultimate Receives New Stage and Ver. 8.1.0 Update

    They care about getting more people in to Elite Smash but not about an actual ranking system.
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