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Recent content by Xzax Kasrani

  1. Xzax Kasrani

    Diddy's New Tier Placement - Agree or Disagree?

    I feel as if the match up is even or slightly in Fox's favor. MVD and Angel honestly just aren't good at the match up.
  2. Xzax Kasrani

    C3PO Signed By True Ambition!

    Who cares. Philly aint philly without Xzax or 6WX :P
  3. Xzax Kasrani

    Important 4BR First Official Tier List Voting

    [proxy/moved post] Xzax's 4BR Tier List 20: Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina, 19: Pikachu, Mario, Fox 18: Ryu, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Cloud 17: Luigi, Villager, Ness, Yoshi, Captain Falcon 16: ROB, Peach, Lucario, Dark Pit, Toon Link, Pit 15: Donkey Kong, Ike, Olimar, Bowser Jr 14...
  4. Xzax Kasrani

    Meta Top 5 Notable Players from their respective characters

    I think Larry is the best Fox then 2-3rd is between Megafox and myself for sure. Especially based off results.
  5. Xzax Kasrani

    Q&A Generic Fox Matchup Q&A (See the MU discussion thread for in depth talk!)

    ITS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY SO I DECIDED TO GIVE YOU ALL A NICE GIFT ;) A Fox vs Diddy Kong Match-Up Guide (Ft. TSM ZeRo) I hope you guys enjoy it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG9JowTkIMI
  6. Xzax Kasrani

    Notable Players for Each Character (Ranking Period August-Dec 2015) [North America]

    I can't express how much I mean exactly what I'm saying when I say this list is taken from results from August-December only.
  7. Xzax Kasrani

    Notable Players for Each Character (Ranking Period August-Dec 2015) [North America]

    Based off results I don't agree at all actually. Falln is top 6 in SoCal, taking sets from everyone pretty much besides Larry/ZeRo recently. And Rayquaza got huge wins at THB5 which really helps him, especially since this is from August-last weekend. I looked through results, and the SmashBoards...
  8. Xzax Kasrani

    Notable Players for Each Character (Ranking Period August-Dec 2015) [North America]

    Some of the current characters were updated! We will be doing more updates in the next few days and hopefully getting some people on board with helping create the lists/going through some data. Expect a big update in appearance with the next update of characters :)
  9. Xzax Kasrani

    Notable Players for Each Character (Ranking Period August-Dec 2015) [North America]

    I am an idiot :P I updated Leo into and I will most likely do an update with some not NA but to start it up NA was the easiest since I had the most data from NA to work from.
  10. Xzax Kasrani

    Notable Players for Each Character (Ranking Period August-Dec 2015) [North America]

    This idea was made from @Shaya thread which I will post below (which has been inactive for a little bit) So I decided to make something until that thread returns or this might take over that idea entirely. http://smashboards.com/threads/notable-players-list-aug-15-luigi-zss.396344/ So with...
  11. Xzax Kasrani

    Tech skill question

    The main things I would tell you to work on would be: - Change your c stick to attack for tilts - Learn how to perfect pivot up tilt has an approach and extend combos - Lagless or Perfect Upairs and watch this video where I show and explain a lot of things and show off some combos along with...
  12. Xzax Kasrani

    Aspiring Fox player here! Critique needed!

    I only watched the first 2 games ( idk if there was more and remember this is wifi so things are a bit odd but here goes nothing) But the main thing is you need to find out how to keep the pressure up since Fox is extremely fast, has pretty low cool down moves, and great hitboxes. So you let...
  13. Xzax Kasrani

    What do most Fox mains use the c-stick for?

    Honestly to optimize your play, I would set my c stick to attack since Perfect Pivoting to tilts are very good for Fox but currently it feels too weird to me since I've been playing Smash competitively since 06 but I'm easing myself into it. IF you can accomplish it tho, I think its important...
  14. Xzax Kasrani

    Survey #2

    Top 15 (no customs) 1. Sheik :4sheik: 2. Zero Suit Samus :4zss: 3. Pikachu :4pikachu: 4. Luigi :4luigi: 5. Rosalina & Luma :rosalina: 6. Diddy Kong :4diddy: 7. Fox :4fox: 8. Mario :4mario: 9. Sonic :4sonic: 10. Yoshi :4yoshi: 11. Ryu :4ryu: 12. Ness :4ness: 13. Captain Falcon :4falcon: 14. Meta...
  15. Xzax Kasrani

    Fox vs Luigi MU

    I get to play this match up a lot and am very confident in it. I've beaten Mr. Concon in tournament with Fox and recently made Fox my co main. I feel like this match up is slightly in Luigi's favor but Fox has to play better. You have the tools to stay on him so its hard for him to get the space...
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