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    "A challenger approaches..." Practice for novices?

    Here is a good video that has helped a good amount for me for some of the advanced techniques.
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    Rhode Island smash players?

    We should meet up some time for some smashin'
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    Rhode Island smash players?

    Hey! I’m from Johnston
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    Mugi best girl

    Mugi best girl
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    I've been trying to be in competitive smash, and I already feel like giving up.

    I see that you are a Villager main. If you need any help getting better or just training I would be happy to help! Just don't give up. If you really stop having fun, that would be the point when I would stop playing. Just play to have fun.
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    Rhode Island smash players?

    Hey. I am looking for a good group of people that play smash. I already have a crew of four people the play but we would love to play with others in the area. So anyone else live in Rhode Island that play Sm4sh or any other Smash game?
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    Smash 3DS Demo Discussion (No code giveaway etc.)

    I don't know if this has been brought up before but does MegaMan seem like the weakest CPU to anyone else?
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    Midnight Release Plans?

    I'm hoping for a midnight release at a Gamestop near me. It's more convenient to download at midnight, but there is always something fun about going to Gamestop at midnight with some friends.
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    Hi people!!!

    Hey just joined the community as well! I love Animal Crossing too and will main Villager because of that. Also because he is OP in the demo.
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