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Recent content by XSinnerX

  1. XSinnerX

    How would I change Ike's English voice with his JPN one?

    I'm using a PAL version of Project M so Riivolution won't be able to work for i am using a USB with the ISO is there anyway i will be able to change the "9" hammer sound on G & W?
  2. XSinnerX

    Official Townsville, North Queensland Smash thread

    Always friend, as soon as I get results I'll post them
  3. XSinnerX

    Official Townsville, North Queensland Smash thread

    Welcome to Townsville and North Queensland Smash Thread. Here you can find all of Townsville and North Queensland Tournament and general smash information. Our Media: Facebook Youtube Power Rankings Players Next Event: Casulty #04 12/12/15 9:00am - 6:00pm The Hub 16 Casey st, Aitkenvale, 4814...
  4. XSinnerX

    The Project M BRSTM Thread

    So i have been copy and pasting my own custom BRSTM files and have noticed that in FoD and Dreamland it switches to a different song halfway through, even though i have renamed all the original BRSTM according to OP's id list. Am i doing something wrong?
  5. XSinnerX

    Theytah's Mod School!

    Hey, Loving the thread. I'm having a lot of problems changing the stage icon with a custom one in PM, I change it then try it in game on the wii and it just comes up black with no colour. How do I make it have colour?
  6. XSinnerX

    [HELP!] How to add rules in SSS (Pic related)

    Hey guys, How do i add rules like in this pic?
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