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  • aa man i used em a bit but there was a limit ... but u know what i dun think it should be limited but it helps the IC think when they play and how to be more careful about there moves u sould try it fer like a good solid 2 weeks... also if u no how good percon is ( he placed 2nd in FFYF) i 2 stalked em with ma IC like 3 or 4 times in a row but my snake was at least competing with his kirby
    yeah man i know that but yo i almost JV 4rd em in a tournement u know the BFWNY and u can ask em that. also where do u live because we got bi weeklies again in niagara so i guess i could hook u up with good stuff?
    wow srry man i missed it i was studying and then i got ur vm i tbink we can play like this sunday or sumthin if u not doin anything.. are u goin 2 ffyf2
    hey bud its the weekend now and i think ur juss johning by satuday we face or i'm better then u xD
    well my brawl code is 2449-4605-7950 and where u at battle for western new york?? it was either a tourny or a bi-weekly i unno
    wow yo man same my semester is like all my best subjects so this year or semester srry i have been only playin on weekends cool well just remember 2449-4605-7950
    DUUUUDE that was OIN 1 and plus that was an invitation to a brawl tourny like i just got into the smash group like a week after that and OIN4 has passed and those come likeonnce every 4 months so yeah man sounds like johns to me
    ohh **** man is that a challenge i dun think that we can play offline but i think we can play onnline it won't judge who's better but it ull give a nice idea

    2449-4605-7950 thats ma brawl code PREPARE TO BE PWNED*_*
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