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Recent content by XigmunGothar

  1. XigmunGothar

    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    ...because the timing for Spring Man and Rex didn't suit the base roster, which was set back in 2015/2016. Nintendo picked the DLC characters and they were set in place only last November. Nintendo would be well aware of all the games they have coming in any upcoming fiscal year. Platinum Games...
  2. XigmunGothar

    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    Given the development and release timing as well as Nintendo's tendency to use Smash to promote new titles..... What is the chance that the fifth and final DLC fighter could be the protagonists from the newly revealed Astral Chain? I'd certainly call it a possibility and they look like they...
  3. XigmunGothar

    Costume DLC. Would you like to see it?

    I'm intrigued. What are these "weird" ideas? I'd be game for nearly any costumes.
  4. XigmunGothar

    Costume DLC. Would you like to see it?

    Absolutely want to see unique costumes added in, even obscure ones. Only condition would be, as others have said, for them to be free or cheap. I'm thinking maybe like 10-15 costumes for $5 or something. In particular, as a fan of the various Mario RPGs, Mr. L Luigi, Shadow Peach, Shrowser, and...
  5. XigmunGothar

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    May I just say that while Galeem seems quite awesome, the most frightening thing Nintendo and Sakurai could do is probably this: (Granted, , but that doesn't make it less disturbing.)
  6. XigmunGothar

    Who do you plan to take out Galleem with?

    If he battles similarly to Tabuu (moves and movement and all), I'd select between Young Link, Meta Knight, Shulk, and Richter. If we get a team, then that's my team.
  7. XigmunGothar

    My Smash Ultimate DLC Conspiracy Theory

    While I see your point, we must consider Sakurai's typically heavy involvement in character decisions. We are fairly confident he has spoken directly with third parties to get characters in the past. I think that if Nintendo was pitching all the potential DLC fighters to Sakurai, their aim is...
  8. XigmunGothar

    Who's in your squad?

    Usually, Any Combination of These: :ultcorrin::ultkirby::ultness::ultsheik::ultzss::ultmetaknight: + :ultinkling::ultrichter: If I Feel Like It, Could Swap in a Couple of These: :ultbayonetta::ultlucina::ultpichu::ultrosalina::ultwiifittrainer: +:ultkrool:
  9. XigmunGothar

    If you had to remove 20 characters from Ultimate, who would they be?

    Clones: :ultdoc::ultfalco::ultisabelle::ultjigglypuff::ultlucario::ultlucas::ultlucina::ultmiifighters:(brawler):ultmiifighters:(swordfighter):ultmiifighters:(gunner):ultdaisy::ultpichu::ultdarkpit::ultroy::ultchrom::ultken::ultdarksamus::ultrichter::ulttoonlink::ultwolf::ultyounglink...
  10. XigmunGothar

    What are your thoughts on Spirit Mode?

    Yep. I bet people will say that. While I bet a significant number of the spirits will come just from summons and 'enchanceable' spirits rather than event matches, I certainly think we will see a couple hundred unique matches. Plus, I have to guess the DLC characters may bring new spirits and...
  11. XigmunGothar

    What are your thoughts on Spirit Mode?

    How many Spirits might there be? I have counted 410+ we have seen (though my number my be off). I am guessing upwards on 500 in total. I do think more will be added even after launch and we may even land somewhere between 750-900 when all is said and done.
  12. XigmunGothar

    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    A theory about the final fighter reveals: https://smashboards.com/threads/final-6-fighter-reveals-a-comprehensive-newcomer-speculation-theory.459137/
  13. XigmunGothar

    I wouldn't go that far. It's possible, though I think unlikely, but nonetheless I get your...

    I wouldn't go that far. It's possible, though I think unlikely, but nonetheless I get your frustration.
  14. XigmunGothar

    FINAL 6 FIGHTER REVEALS: A Comprehensive Newcomer Speculation Theory

    Hey Smash Community, I have a theory about the final roster for Ultimate. I will be fair and state in advance that none of the theory is inherently new. Rather, it is a compilation of observations made by numerous reputable sources throughout the community and then backed up with some light...
  15. XigmunGothar

    Five More Stages possibly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Honest question. Why does everyone love Pokefloats so much? I've seen it mentioned everywhere. Personally, I've always strongly disliked it. Again, it's an honest question. I seriously do want to understand the appeal.
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