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Recent content by xHayatox

  1. xHayatox

    Mass Madness 12a - May 10th, Framingham, MA - 75 Entrants

    GG all. Those were some tough matches in pools and brackets. Bolt - Scary falcock. He is a tough bird to fight against. I need to work on my power shielding and shield grabbing. That pressuring made it so hard. ycz - You is my kryptonite. I cont beat ya. Goot stuff on that clutch win. Yandr...
  2. xHayatox

    Northeastern Smash Attack 2 - Boston, MA - 3/29/14 - 220+ Attendees!

    Glad i got Roga to play again with me. Goot tournament we did our best and pretty happy with the results. Sucks I had to leave early and give away my 2nd seed spot. I'll stick around next time. Other than that, it was scary leaving... I parked at the west village garage and didn't pay...
  3. xHayatox

    Str8-Up Beast Mode: Fall River, MA (In Development)

    Greetings young lads... I have been involved much with the FGC and my roots began here with Smash. I am looking to revive the legacy and add melee and brawl to the line. I am planning to do weekly tournaments but each week will be different games. Anybody interested if this really happens...
  4. xHayatox

    MA Power Rankings (melee)/General Discussion

    hes so gooooooooot
  5. xHayatox

    DNA Gaming & Entertainment #19 - 9/17/11, Framingham, MA - Results *MK Banned*

    good stuff to winners. my buddies were in the black ops tourney but they failed me. lol at mk banned. i didnt know he is that destructive. now i see a lot of snakes on the board.
  6. xHayatox

    Mass Madness 27 - 9/10 - Framingham, MA

    Shout outs to Solar for mentioning the tournament to me. I wouldn't have known about it or came if it wasn't for his skills. I had a rough all nighter gaming waking up to his text "are you coming?!" and my reply "Fack, I'm a bit hungover... Will not make it in time, just woke up" (11:30AM)...
  7. xHayatox

    Mass Madness 27 - 9/10 - Framingham, MA

    I no enter singles. Teams more fun. Maybe next time I'll donate some money for singles. I had to leave too soon that day :( I woulda entered 3( :phone:
  8. xHayatox

    Mass Madness 27 - 9/10 - Framingham, MA

    im fackn goot
  9. xHayatox

    Mass Madness- The Final Matt Madness (Pass the Torch)

    good games those i played. it was fun and good to see old faces again. I cant wait for APEX! Who is going!? Hopefully I join some MvC3 and some Melee action. btw for those who play MvC3 or SSFIVAE i am throwing a tournament in fall river next week :) in time I might be doing some melee tourneys...
  10. xHayatox

    Mass Madness Legends 4/16/11 Framingham, Massachusetts

    kit reallly is flackin goooot. specially the legendary fatal. i am proud of your career performance sire. goot job. i cannot wait to play some casuals with the new world.
  11. xHayatox


    yes indeed. i love making stir-fried noodles for lunch :) and of course naruto's fav. ramen noodle soup. I hope I can find some shops for ingredients.
  12. xHayatox

    Mass Madness Legends 4/16/11 Framingham, Massachusetts

    hiiii dazwarriooo can i come to this?
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