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  • Xane, it appears your Brawl soundtrack links don't work anymore. Is there any possible way you could upload them again? Possibly on 4Shared or Mediafire.
    Hope we can smash sometime! :)
    I keep trying to download your stage studio from your thread link, but I can't. Do you have an alternate link?
    i cant find the link to download your stage studio
    Yes, my server seems to be offline for unknown reasons.
    I'll see what I can do, I hope they'll be back online soon.
    AFAIK, there is no Replay Editor.
    Not sure if it'd be worth it, that's it maybe.
    hey xane,
    I really luv your stage studio, and i want to know if you're familiar with any replay editor for PC ( I needed it to make some vids):p
    Hey, how often does Stage Studio get updated? How will I know when it gets updated?

    PS. Do you have a Friendcodes.com account?
    Hey Xane, uhm, just wondering I heard you're working on other things or something but do you plan on updating stage studio to stretch yet?
    Hey Xane, i checked out the program for the stage studio that you posted up. . i think it's a really good idea. i just downloaded it and it was successful. the only problem im having is opening the program. i extracted it and it still doesnt wan to open, anyway you can help??
    Danke DAs du Fertig bist

    ps: Wirst du jetzt sofort an erweiterung von dem Editor arbeiten oda erst mal pause machn?
    Ye, I could need help finding the linux equivalent to some WinApi commands.
    Other than that, I appreciate your willing to help but the coding isn't much of a problem.
    I just don't have enough time to work on it all the time. :/
    I was going to ask how the PC editor is coming but someone has already asked :) I'm an experienced C++ coder who would be willing to help when I return to the states in January. I could help with a linux port :D
    I currently don't have my Wii at home, so it might be a bit difficult to test things on.
    Anyway, it's still under development.

    And.. sadly, Z-coordinates and rotation are not saved within the file and thus not possible to manipulate. :/
    The only way would be to hack it ingame.
    Hey Xane do you know possibly when you might be done with the PC Stage Editor? Oh and will you be able to rotate and edit their z-coordinates? Thx
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