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    No sympathy: Ike Video thread

    You probably want to either put the banana in a situation where it will put Diddy in a bad position, if he goes for it, he will lose stage control, or use it against him so he will trip on it or he goes for it and you punish him. You can also use it to stuff out his approaches.
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    Ike vs. Marth

    Either mix-up Quickdraw and Aether as recovery options or get as close as possible to the stage with Aether and SDI towards the stage and tech. The best answer is to not be in that situation to begin with, but that isn't what you want to hear (Since that is almost impossible). And when he is...
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    No sympathy: Ike Video thread

    I sold my tag to get Raidenant Dawn for $25, anyways; Here is a video of me vs. Jaime HR: He downloaded me super quick, by the time I realized what I was doing wrong and made the correct adjustments, he either readjusted or it was too late. This one...
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    Ike's gameplan?

    I spent some time thinking about this, and I don't think there is a real answer I personally can give. It depends on the Ike and how they want to play. I originally was very aggressive, but my gameplan as of late has been to DD camp until I get a grab or a nair, then convert off of that. I...
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    Is Ike really broken?

    Tell them to stop sucking and learn the match up and get better at it. There is a 10 frame commitment when he QD's and an extra 3 frames to jump out of it, and to stop most QD approaches, you just have to throw out a quick hitbox. Yeah, there is the aireal mix-up but you can block the aireal and...
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    New Ike Video Thread [WIP]

    This is the first video where I feel like its good enough to show others. Vs. N810 (Sonic)
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    "I don't care how strong you are. It's not strong enough!" Roy Match Up Thread

    I've been struggling with the Falcon match-up, what do you recommend doing?
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    Falcon vs. Roy Match-up

    I've been struggling with this match-up as Roy, what do you recommend I should be doing in general?
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    Is there an updated thread for Ike's frame data?

    I do like the formatting and hitbox gifs, I would like it if we didn't have to go to a separate thread for it.
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    Is there an updated thread for Ike's frame data?

    The changes for the frame data are 6 more frames on QD since 3.02, is it really worth it?
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    Guide Prepare yourself!

    This is a really basic guide. Ike's wavedash doesn't go every far and his only decent option OOWD is jab and grab. Its strength comes from QD wavedash for tech chasing and mind games/approach mix-ups. Its also a good recovery mix-up by doing QD -> wall-jump -> waveland. Ike's dash dance is...
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    "I don't care how strong you are. It's not strong enough!" Roy Match Up Thread

    How is the Roy/Kirby match-up? I was thinking using Roy instead of Ike.
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    Ike Social Thread

    It took me a few minutes to learn how to Shield drop in 3.02 and I can still do it now, but I always take Shieks to Smashville and Yoshi's Brawl, so I never have a reason to Shield Drop.
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    Ike Social Thread

    Even though we can combo DDD, its hard to kill him off of anything but a read or stray hit because he is so heavy and a fast faller and has a good recovery. We can't combo or juggle kirby for long, but he dies sooner. Edgeguarding Kirby is not impossible, but its still difficult and requires...
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    Ike Social Thread

    I still firmly believe DDD is Ike's worst match-up. I only know 2 Pit mains, one switch to Jigglypuff and the other would rather go Fox or Marth, so I can't say.
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