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Recent content by WOTG

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    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    You can keep my name out your mouth, kid. Lol, this kid really thinks he can dog me any kind of way he wants to. You can keep trying to bait me like you do gav, it's not going to work. I don't waste my time on a fake lame as **** psychotic dweeb who just hides behind his computer talkin **** to...
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    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    I'm really starting to see what people are saying about Studstill, now. I was one of the only people defending him, but now I see he does have a problem. I don't think he's a bad guy, he just has personal issues he needs to deal with, and as a community we should be welcoming and sympathetic...
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    Gringos in Peru 2014

    Did Mariguas or Boom get to play Alancitu by any chance? And I love it how most people doubted Boom, some still doubting him coughmattscough, but yet he proved doubters wrong. This man is a champ for real.
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    Smash64 mod?

    Did you guys mod the music too, or is the music added after the match was recorded? I always wanted to make a music mod.
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    South East Smashers, a APEX 2015 thread.

    There's a difference between not getting along with people, and then literal trolling/being abused by specific people. If you expect to spontaneously drop the beef with someone just because it's real life and not online, then you aren't a reasonable human being.
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    Low Tier Showdown

    Gav, I told you I was quitting for good remember? So go ahead and DQ me.
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    Collections of Cognitive Dissonance

    LOL this guy is so ****in evil, holy ****. You are the ****tiest person I've ever encountered, you deserve an ass whooping, actually literally deserve to be shot. You don't know me at all playa. I never say **** to you, never done anything to you, and even tried to be cool with you when I first...
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    Collections of Cognitive Dissonance

    Uh, I don't know what Studstill is talking about, but you guys can keep my name out this thread, thanks. Cobr is obviously just some judgmental immature **** who hasn't encountered many people in his life. Dude thinks that anyone who isn't like him is crazy or bad. I never encountered someone in...
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    Hey, we have a match

    Hey, we have a match
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    Low Tier Showdown

    lol, yep, you didn't get what i was saying at all. On a completely different page, actually.
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    Low Tier Showdown

    Right. Instead of creating actual arguments explaining how I'm wrong, you just assert your condescending opinion. Typical Fireblaster, I'm done. On second note, I don't think you even get what I'm saying at all.
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    Low Tier Showdown

    How does it make no sense, it's exactly what's being described. I never said there was a limit on video footage, I said you're not going to get a game in true HD on youtube because of the limits from data, software, and possibly hardware.
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    Low Tier Showdown

    If you were to record in 1080p resolution, you wouldn't be able to either record its maximum resolution (say as in Fraps, half-size), or you won't be able to record in maximum bit-rate (dxtory, compressed bit-rate).
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