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  • It doesn't look like the list is going anywhere, you need 2 get the charcter mains together in there own boards Fox Vs pichu ,Faclo vs Gannon ,etc.

    Because everyone in it wants to talk about their charcter and they swich before they really get any where. keep in mind there are 650 slots to be filled and if everyone did 2 a week(reasonable for 2 threads eworking together) it will take about 25 weeks with info on the match-ups.

    think about and get a MOd to let me back into the melee boards
    Hey I can't in the melee boards but I can help. What you need to is bring it to the player to break down the confusetion in your list. Take A Fox vs Folco to the Fox AND Falco boards at the same time you can you can take out 13 spaces on your list every week or 26(same thing) and it will be right but warning in advance some boards john

    about their own character cough pichu cough and they may unrate him alot, is their up guide they put Fox,Falco,IC(pichu can't be chain throwen by them).marth,sheik,and C.Falcon down as impossible and they only talked about has they ***** pichu so ask for the good players
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