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  • That is a pretty cool picture, isn't it?
    Unfortunately, I didn't make the chart, a person by the name or RJ (his tag is something like "iRJi") made it, so he's probably the one you'll want to talk to.
    Hope that helps ^_^
    Felt like playing around with these sprites (which I did not create):


    Secondary Mains

    Casual Main
    thats good. It took me a couple of weeks to get decent, about a month to get close to the ground, and a couple more weeks to get consistent. And I slowly get better as I play. I have more trouble with going forward. Just make sure you circle the controller to go down before pressing A. My training stage helped a lot also.

    To divebomb is basically like Glide shifting. You Tap down at the top of your jump to fast fall but you have to imagine when you reach the peak of your jump since the WoI stops all vertical motion. There arent too many situations to use that which doesnt put you at a huge risk but enough to learn.

    Divebombing>Winglanding took me some time. Thats what you should learn with diveboming. Its incredibly fun when you get better at that and it makes you feel cool and impress your friends at how fast you fall. XD
    Thank you for the support in this :).

    Honestly, I got more involved in that flame war than what I would have wanted to. However, some attitudes get on my nerves: I'll be more careful from now on not to provoke these kind of guys.

    Thank you for the welcome btw, hope to play you soon on wifi! ^^
    wuts up im IK3NI... to get to the point i wunna play you 1v1... hit me up if u think u can beat me..... o n r u from philly
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