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    The Potter Stewart Anti-Stalling Rule

    I think the only problem is the definition of stalling, is it linked to time, to actions, to both, to other stuff?? To me stalling is any action that avoids directly the objective of taking the stock. So Ice Climbers chain grab or Fox Lasers are not stalling as long as they are not being done...
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    If You Could Make 3 Changes to PT...

    1. Charizard's Dthrow got more hitstun. 2. Flareblitz had more shield damage. 3. Nair fire in tail Hitbox were bigger
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    Pokemon trainer combos?

    Following arbustopachon's notes on ivysaur 0-25% Bair->Bair FF-> BulletSeed/SH Uair/ SH Nair / Utilt Uair and Nair are the most consistent, the other ones are character dependent. Also Uthrow-> SH Uair FF -> VineWhip ( Yuo have to jump as soon as you can and do the Vinewhip moving the stick...
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    Pokemon trainer combos?

    SQUIRTLE jab lock (JL) Starters bair (15-30%), has a good angle. fair sends them too high, but may work nair (30%), has to be done close to the ground dtilt (30%) jab3(35%), never thought of this one, but it works. :P Combo ftilt JL -> ftilt JL -> dash attack -> uair -> uair Does more damage...
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    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    Is there a way to watch the match as you wait your turn to play?? <In Arena>
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    Pokemon trainer combos?

    I've been testing these two, "not true combos", but pretty consistents. SQUIRTLE: 0%-10% bthrow -> dashattack -> utilt -> utilt -> sh nair -> grab ... dthrow -> uair -> nair (Damage +50%) The second u-tilt depends on the character, and how high they are after the first one. The first nair...
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    Squirtle could be better :/

    I find myself struggling more with charizard. Sure survival has it's bonuses, but finding that killing blow is almost imposible without risking yourself. Along with all the changes from smash4, I find charizard really weak. No jab2 to grab or fly, utilt is no longer a kill option, fair being...
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    Does Ivy's falling nair combos into anything?

    You can use it to land behind an oponent and use bullet seed out of it. It's not a true combo.
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    Should Counterpicking be Revamped (CharBan)

    Plain and simple With so many characters in-game, should CHARACTER-BAN be a new rule??? Concept: after losing Game 1, the loser can call 1 character to ban along with the stages. The character ban only last for that game. I think this may bring some spice up to the game, rewarding matchup...
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    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    I just want a Female Morgan Costume for Robin.
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    The ideal patch: Robin

    From my perspective robin would be in a better position as a character if any or all of the following were true: -arcfire did twice the number of hits with less damage of course, to prevent escaping before the final hit. -arcfire had a windbox just as arcthunder. -thoron knockback were better...
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    The Fourth Triannual [Symphony of Scales] - A Robin-Only Tournament

    I would like to join in, but I can't make use of the discord app, for some reason, it just doesn't work, so i would like to suggest smash amino or even a group chat in facebook, so I could tag along and not be left out...
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    Official 2GGT: ZeRo Saga discussion thread - Top 48

    He was trying to do the so MARVELous "no mix up, mix up", but since the game speed and the player wasn't really going on his favor, he never won, and won't do it
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    Whose voice do you prefer? Male or female's?

    I prefer female cause I still dream about the day MORGAN skin will be available for smash along with her voice... I really liked her as a character... Female Morgan skin for future DLC please... anyway I only like male robin neutral skin and female robin red skin so I don't put much attention...
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    Extended slides ((Step Dash Info))

    I didn't knew this was a thing, I've been doing this for a long time... mostly with lucina since the butter feet properties work with this too... basically it extends d-tilt and jab range and allows you to have a little more control of the movement in a less complex way, the other one is...
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