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Recent content by WillzUK

  1. WillzUK

    West Midlands Monthly Next: Feb 11/12th!!!!!!..Look in thread!! BIRMINGHAM!

    nope, i would but i got no spare tvs anymore
  2. WillzUK

    Smash Ain't Dead II - March 23rd, 2013 - Croydon

    Might as well come to this, don't really play anymore but i cant turn down a chance to become my old cocky amazing self, id still beat all the brawl scrubs, i remain undefeated by any UK brawlers since 2011 hahaha i am the best
  3. WillzUK

    The Falcon Social

    wat a cutie sheep/10 :phone:
  4. WillzUK

    The Falcon Social

    thing is I don't play smash anymore in general, haven't gone to a tournament in over a year haha. If anyone wants to play me on wifi though I'm down, just PM me. Set up my Wii today and I'm bossing on wifi, everyone gon get Willz Combo'd on wifi ma *****s.
  5. WillzUK

    The Falcon Social

    Well every time I make a new account I get hunted down somehow, my IP is blocked so I have to bypass that to actually access the site. Smashboards hates me lol. Anyway... NEW WILLZ COMBO VIDEO COMING SOON THIS YEAR
  6. WillzUK

    Final Destination - 300 people: Mr-R, Leon, Lp, quik, Ally & more interested!

    I am confirmed, me and the LC crew are going.
  7. WillzUK

    The Falcon Social

    Obviously you don't know who I am, wtf happened to these boards.
  8. WillzUK

    The Falcon Social

    Best in the world is back woooo.
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