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Wiley's latest activity

  • Wiley
    nair into the world. Sour fair can lead into jab locks.... if you can find something else that leads into jab lock/tech chase let me know >_> hard to do under plat forms though.
  • Wiley
    I dunno. No deluxe. No music. This is a better outcome than deluxe. It’s still feels like I got punched in the gut but I can actually see a character drop still because it’s not deluxe. I’m not...
  • Wiley
    Geno mii costume will be the biggest slap to the face. I'd honestly rather him just not added at all. That probably sounds objectively sour I guess, but the mii fighters are incredibly obnoxious...
  • Wiley
    I’m assuming Sephiroth is coming out the 22nd or 23rd. Genshin impact is getting a big update then. I feel like companies tend to compete for hype. I’m going into the next presentation...
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