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Recent content by WestBallz

  1. W

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    Ive been doing fair OOS with falco and approaches because it beats characters that like to stay in the air such as marth and sheik. Its a really good anti air as well as combo starter. If u also time the fast fall right its a good sheild pressure to
  2. W

    Multishining and Westsballz Shining differences?

    probably cuz he cant do it. LOOOL
  3. W

    Multishining and Westsballz Shining differences?

    Yeah man dont do westballz double shine its sooooo bad. Dunno why he uses it. He got 2nd at TNE first at SCR and won several tourneys in a row. Dunno why people arent shield grabbing him just like mango is. Oh well if he ever plays me im just gonna shield grab him all day cuz im just like mango.
  4. W

    Money matches

    Im down to MM as much as possible and u can choose my characters. Any character in the game and ill MM in both games.
  5. W

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 10th edition! Dec 29th, 2013

    Damn not even one congrats. So salty everyone else that wins gets tons of congrats. Also Adam well see whos no 1 next ranking....Just u wait!
  6. W

    Event - Apex 2015 Melee: Set You Want to See

    To bad they didnt upload the 20$ mm we had.
  7. W

    SoCal Melee PR 12/29/2013 Update

    why would fiction be above me...that would be straight ********.
  8. W

    Trans-Phobia in the smash community.

    Nobody gives a **** about you thats why nobody gives a **** to call you by the name u want to be called. The only reason i didnt refer you to your new name is because i personally didnt like any of your posts on smashboards and the way you type things came off as cocky when you were no where...
  9. W

    Trans-Phobia in the smash community.

    What the actual ****??? When the **** did i ever disrespect any transgender?? I have never in my life made a remark the would intentionally offend a transgender. Just because i called you rubyiris means i have transgender phobia? I will admit i was a **** back in the day and didnt care to refer...
  10. W

    SoCAL SSB MELEE TOURNAMENT - 8-12 Players - Live... - August 10th, 2013 - North Hollywood, CA

    bosco....he had to limit the attendance. its only a small lounge with 1 tv. anyway nice meeting u guys awesome tourney and i thank you for the money roll its gonna come in handy for my vegas trip soon.
  11. W

    [Sep 28, 2014] Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! (Walnut, CA)

    macd if i get a ride. Which is very unlikely.
  12. W

    Ballz Deep 3!! Feat. MaNg0!! S2j, Fly, Wes, Lucky! BRING SETUPS!! - July 6th, 2013 - LA CA

    Tourney might be canceled. My mom might have things to do in the shop that day. Soo yeah
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