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Recent content by Wenbobular

  1. Wenbobular

    Looking for Melee players around alexandria VA area

    Have you guys found the DMV facebook group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/DMVSSBM/ Also I believe SypherPhoenix is in the area-ish (Fairfax?)
  2. Wenbobular

    UMCP smashers

    Ayyy :001:
  3. Wenbobular

    Smash @ Xanadu weekly results 2/24-25 ft. The Moon

    I also used Falcon in losers ;^)
  4. Wenbobular

    You wanna double Falcon at BH4 :B

    You wanna double Falcon at BH4 :B
  5. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    KP is in MD now actually I just happened to go to Florida for CEO because DruggedFox was there
  6. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    Nope i think we inspired him to train hella hard for KOC4 and beat M2K so I'm taking credit for that too :lick:
  7. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    Haha it is the only thing I am legitimately proud of from this set ... I saw him start his DJ and I was like "I can already see the ending"
  8. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo1FDmquwJM&list=UU5PVsDWgty6kRD6j25Fzv_A Well, vids are finally out This is honestly way less impressive than I thought he was, I think he played mad not great vs me I did get a baller PC hog vs him though
  9. Wenbobular

    Smash @ Xanadu July Monthly, Baltimore, MD Ft. MD/VAs finest

    Is dat da great Bones0 @Bones0
  10. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    I'm rather amused I think Sung joined my P90X stream on like day 2 when GIMR tweeted it out
  11. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    Out of curiosity do I know you @crispfish I feel like only people who were there / knew me / are MDVA know about the fact that this set even existed haha
  12. Wenbobular

    wenbo amsa vids

    Haha I found this randomly while namesearching so I guess I'll bump this to give an answer The guy who has them on his computer hasn't been able to upload because of work apparently (I asked on the MIOM facebook group) I've also been waiting for them but for now I've just been like eh whatever...
  13. Wenbobular

    CEO 2014 Day 3 Full Results and Updates!

    Also wanted to point out my tag is Wenbo but honestly Weabo is kinda funny
  14. Wenbobular

    CEO 2014 Day 3 Full Results and Updates!

    Does anyone know what the secondary stream for Melee was on day 2? Want to see my set vs Amsa :B
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