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Recent content by WeeabooKiller

  1. WeeabooKiller

    Roy crew

    I want to start a Roy crew. Basically, we'd be only using Roy in crew battles. You don't have to main Roy to join, but you will have to be able to play as Roy. (this will not be a serious crew, this is mostly for fun.) Reply to this or send me a message if you're interested.
  2. WeeabooKiller

    SSB64, Melee, PM & Wii U Smash Bros. Finland

    Ketään muita Suomesta? Ite asun Torniossa. Onko muita lähialueelta, tai edes Suomesta ylipäätänsä?
  3. WeeabooKiller

    northern Sweden looking for Smash4 Wii U/Melee

    Looks like this thread is mostly dead. Anyways, I live in Haparanda (if you even know where that is). I don't think there are any Melee players here, though.
  4. WeeabooKiller

    Roy guide

    Absolutely perfect, thank you
  5. WeeabooKiller

    Roy guide

    My friend is getting into the Melee scene and he wants to main Roy. I want to make a guide for him and I would like to ask for help from you guys to make one. So, if you'd like to contribute, please tell me how to play Roy, optimal stages, matchups, etc. Thanks!
  6. WeeabooKiller

    Why do you main or play as Roy?

    I play as Roy because of his combo game, mostly. I really enjoy it. The design of the character also appeals to me. I do secondary Marth, though, so I can bust him out in case things go wrong.
  7. WeeabooKiller

    Roy's best stages are Final Destination or Dream Land?

    FoD and Yoshi's Story are definitely his best stages. You can kill so early with fsmash on them. Yoshi's is also a great counterpick against Falco. You can avoid lasers and kill early.
  8. WeeabooKiller

    Underused Moves?

    Up air juggles. You can keep the opponent in the air forever at higher percents, as it has really low knockback.
  9. WeeabooKiller

    Melee Roy Skype Group: Looking for Interest

    Add me in, too. I'd like to talk about Roy.
  10. WeeabooKiller


    Yo. I'm WeeabooKiller. I play Melee. I main Roy, even though I probaly use top tiers more than him, especially Marth. Let's discuss Melee.
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