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  • I think I went to Universal when I was 3 but that's not even "just the tip" so nah I haven't been

    been to Vegas/Seattle/Vancouver so I've seen some of the West/Pacific but it just ain't Cali =/
    OH my b, I misread what you wrote XD
    anyway, I'm really really tryin to make it to dgdtj [and would probably go to that over Pound 5 simply because I've never even been to Cali]...keep up the **** tourneys though, definitely takin notes on your TO skills =D
    oh snap...dude I used to go to ODU!! hah...

    did you ever Smash with any kids from SoVa? I probably know them =D
    wtf you lived in VA? In Hampton Roads, no less?

    Dude I was born/raised in Virginia Beach and didn't leave Va Beach til a year ago!
    hey Jason, it was cool meeting you at Genesis if you remember me.

    I was wondering if you could send me my MM with Hax. and my friendlies with Mexican/KFC. I'd be willing to give you money but I don't really know how since I'm too young to have a paypal account. please reply soon!
    yo dude i'll paypal you $5 for each set you upload of me from genesis (if you haven't deleted the vids yet)

    you got me vs shroomed (mm), vs taj, vs chopz (which i really want to see) and vs raistlin

    good ****, thanks if you can and if you can't let me know and at least i can stop looking for them
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