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    "Who WAS That?" The Player-Finder Thread

    Exactly. That's why I never leave after one match. But i really get mad like what you said: you were just messing and start the match with a character you don't play, or something goes wrong... you lose and then your opponent says "gid gud" or something. I reply with "be nice". The follow up...
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    For Glory!

    For Glory!
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    "Who WAS That?" The Player-Finder Thread

    I have to say i really want to find those poeple just to say i damn much i hate them for leaving after one match. People are so very disrespectful in for glory, even though it was a really good match. Before i could've changed my name to 'ggwp' or 'nice', people leave as fast as water. I don't...
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    One Hit Smash: Corrin Guide

    everyone loves using Corrin since he's OP af... seriously. That counter is rediculously strong, that Fsmash is too strong becuz of tipper and that up air just kill everything at a low percentage... I've just made my conclusion that both the new DLC's are way too overpowered. People just started...
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    Pokken Tournament: Wii U Version Set For Release

    I'm getting a bit disappointed in the character selection. Somehow when it would be me, selecting the characters for this game, there wouldn't ba any pikachu at all... I know Pikachu sells the game more for the fans, but come on, does he really have to be in all the pokemon games? I know...
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    Remix Corner: F-Zero

    haha hyes! dr steward's pilot thema was a complete trance track... i had this track for years on my ipod lol
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    Smash Science: Jigglypuff's Rest Kill Percents In Smash 4

    isn't G&W the lightest??
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    [Rumor] Possible Rayman Leak? UPDATE: Video Uncovered!

    i'm happy i didn't believe this ****. To me there were too many things for not believing this was real. It's easy to get a pic from rayman from the trophy section. These days, many people can work with after effects, photoshop and other tools to create whatever the hell they want. If there's...
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    Wes Talks Bans With Smash On Blast

    funny vid. and yes there's a solution to everything. Though i had some sorta ragequit just few minutes ago cuz of a metaknight only dude who kept on swiping the floor with me. Some characters still need to be tweaked slightly imo. The way this guy was killing me all the time seems really easy to...
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    Smash Footsie Guide Prologue

    the only character i actually already did this with, is Kirby. It's too obvious he's able to dodge stuff by crouching. WFT also but I cannot play decently with WFT so yeah, kirby it is then...
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    More Pokkén Tournament Details Coming January 23rd

    I think the amount of characters and the ones being chosen will make or break this game... I'm not wishing for a smashbros-like game, but i hope they stuff enough content in the game and actually release this on consoles aswell, not arcade only.
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    EMG Presents "Super Smash Bros. Play of the Week: Episode 2"

    my gawd... someone must've been crying that night...
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    ScrewAttack Declares Project M 5th Best Wii Game In Top 10

    this list.... :urg:
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    New Smash 4 Movement Option: Corner Dash Pivot Slide

    you really are not thinking about what the man said. He just said he think it's not necessary to have advanced techniques glitches to enjoy the game. You can win without them too. I see people showing off online with their "new advanced techniques" like this pivoting stuff and i still beat them...
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    Bowser Jr. Was Almost Cut From Smash 4

    really= He is fun to play with. Just try to get good with him and you´ll love the moveset he has.