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    That was hawt, especially in that last match. =D
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    Why do you play as Bowser, be it main or secondary?

    1. I can **** all of my friend's mains with him (the guy's good too. ToT) 2. Orange bowser is win. 3. Aerial grab. :D 4. For the times I hit with the's just lovely it is.
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    Luigi Is Broken. Video proof son!!!

    That was hawt on an epic scale. Words just barely describe that pwnage.
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    insane combo(s) leading to na Up-b

    That Pikachu player had NO idea what he was doing. srsly. D-smash spam=lose.
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    Who is your main or favorite characater? **Take 3**

    Can't go wrong with the man in green. Goweegee. =D
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    Best Meteor Smash

    I'm in love with Ness's d-air and yoyo spike, as well as Ganon's d-air. :D (Luigi's down taunt is the spike that contains the most pimp in it. It's a fact.)
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    Your favorite Brawl songs?

    -King Dedede's Theme -Legend of Zelda (Title) -Marionation Gear -Gourmet Race -Team Galaxy Battle -Route 209 -Molgera Battle
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    Just go on your User CP, and it's somewhere on the left....>_>

    Just go on your User CP, and it's somewhere on the left....>_>
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    What irritates you the most online in brawl?

    Because Brawl is a fighting game. It takes so much data reading, the input has to be "okayed" by both consoles (sent back and forth) creating some lag, and Mario Kart Wii takes out some stuff to make it loads faster (ie: Not showing other player's bananas and such). Unfortunate, really. Oh, and...
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    When DI has SAVED you

    Oh.... ._. Well, I still flew the other way though, and yeah, maybe this isn't the best place for this. I thought since it involved DI, well...
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    When DI has SAVED you

    No...I'm talking about posting cool stories where DI saved you in a fun and interesting way.
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    When DI has SAVED you

    Okay, so we all know what DI is and how helpful it is in a Brawl match, amirite? So when has it won you a match? Today, I was playing as Bowser (Don't judge) vs. a Lucas, and we both had over 100%, one stock left. He manages to hit me with a PKT2 and I DI the other way. I mangage to stay on...
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    You Wake Up as your Main

    I would wake up, then cry myself to sleep again because I'm in my brother's shadow... OR Burn my enemy's face in the ground with my PK Fire OR Take over Dreamland with meh mallet. OR Take over the Mushroom Kingdom. =D
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    What Luigi do you rock?

    In order of use: 1. Orange 2. Fireballz (yum!) 3. Normal Green 4. Waluigi
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    Dedede spaming chain throwing (help!)

    Bair=win That is all. =P
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