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  • Hey, I saw you talking in the Project M thread about how you don't have access to any recording equipment. If you'd like to use the wifi build to save replays and send them to me (someone in the thread responded to you about how to do this) I'd be happy to record and upload them for you. I have an HD recording device and over 1000 subscribers on YouTube so they would get plenty of exposure. We'd all love to see your Lucario!
    Hey, you!
    You're really really, good at melee and peach. We would love to have you on the peach boards. You should look in and post sometimes! Really nice job at STYC; I think your peach still looks unique but vicious.
    hello, im also from quebec (far from quebec city tho) and new to this site, i heard on a thread you are or almost the best of quebec area, then i wanna challenge you( im very skilled) (after i receive my lan addapter)

    Go to my profile or send me a Pv message to get my FC code
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