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Recent content by VreyIsGrey

  1. VreyIsGrey

    Change a Smash Character's Moveset!

    It can be minor details like changing a few moves or properties, or you can feel free to completely rework them from the ground up (I imagine some characters like :ultdaisy: or :ultganondorf: would desperately need it). I'll start; here's how I would redesign :ultdk: Change his Neutral B to...
  2. VreyIsGrey

    Add three words to the previous post. This is going to be one weird story to read...

    Once upon a Time, there was a game developer called Andross and he wanted to remake Melee for all the horrible fans that existed, but he had really bad ideas some being like Wavedashing removal and adding more tripping. When fans heard this they revolted. Andross needed to read a book about the...
  3. VreyIsGrey

    How big is your hitbox IRL?

    Wide as Wario but as tall as Sephiroth
  4. VreyIsGrey

    Will your character get into the club?

    Literally made of cardboard, no way he can drink alcohol Incineroar
  5. VreyIsGrey

    Post your desktop/phone background

    Okay, thank you. I was referring to General Social, I just mixed up the names. Thank you for moving the topic! 😄
  6. VreyIsGrey

    What's your archetype?

    If you were in Smash, what would your playstyle be? I'm a rushdown.
  7. VreyIsGrey

    Post your desktop/phone background

    Can someone move this to Smasher's Hangout? I posted in here by accident.
  8. VreyIsGrey

    Caption the Avatar Above You

  9. VreyIsGrey

    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    7/10 Freaky
  10. VreyIsGrey

    Post your desktop/phone background

    Here's my phone wallpaper
  11. VreyIsGrey

    If each represented series were getting three fighters in total, who would you pick?

    Animal Crossing: Villager, Isabelle, Tom Nook Donkey Kong: The three we already have in Smash are fine Final Fantasy: Cloud, Sephiroth,Tifa Fire Emblem: Marth, Roy, Chrom Kirby: Again, the three we already got are fine Mario: Mario, Luigi, Bowser Mega Man: Megaman, Zero, Megaman EX Metroid...
  12. VreyIsGrey

    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    8/10 The crossover we need
  13. VreyIsGrey

    I just wanna see if someone replaced the plant with Aubrey II.

    I just wanna see if someone replaced the plant with Aubrey II.
  14. VreyIsGrey

    Why is the smashboards discord not active much?

    Plus, I don't know if that Discord is really official or not
  15. VreyIsGrey

    Should The Change Be Made?

    Probably not; I'd love to see both of them in though The final Smash Ultimate character is now Geno instead of Sora
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