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  • Ok, seems like the situation was out of your hands. Alright, so first stage we go to should be one of the starter stages. From there the next matches can be anywhere, I don't mind. Remember, the match settings:
    5 Stock
    8 Minutes

    I have your FC already, so I hope to see you online tomorrow Monday. I asked to see if we can get that one day extention.
    Hmmm, I won't be free Sunday. I hope to be free Saturday. We gotta do this Friday. I was hoping to be one of the first matches done...

    Anyway, After the first match, I don't mind the CP. I'll double check that I have your FC.
    Alright, I'll be starting with Kirby (obviously :laugh:) and from the starter list stage I strike Final Destination.
    So let me know when you wanna Brawl. I got your FC on my list already. The rules are:
    5 Stocks 8mins
    5 Nuetrals
    All Stages CP.
    Hey, I'm paired to face of with you! So we have 5 days to get this done so... today is the 1st (I think). Anyway, today I should be free all day, and most of the coming days (for the most part). Lemme know when we can do this! :bee:
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