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  • Lol mine isn't as awesome as a few others I know. Staya way from Serris, IsmaR, Smash_Gigas, Ravin is good but rarely fires off projectiles.

    BTW use your Fair more it destroys all my missiles. and it's good for approaching, hell it even cancels out my charge shot.
    Lol they are good yeah.
    Hm, I tilt waay too much with Samus. I need to get that **** Jab cancel down it's so handy :)
    Anywho off to bed :) aand try requesting matches form them, they help you soo much buddy, trust me :p
    Lol thanks for the compliment :) Your marth is good too! beats mine and I used to main him lol.
    Ever Fight Rukkiko? Or Mako, Oh man their Marths **** so much sauce it's unbelievable.
    ED (10:58:42 AM): u spam alot with marth x.
    Vitaminx (10:59:00 AM): spam what?
    Vitaminx (10:59:06 AM): you're one to talk .
    ED (11:04:29 AM): ehh all u do is that little sword combo and the jump hit thingy but ehh its coo.

    HE obviously hasn't played me. My samus spams so much I call her Spamus.
    oh yeah, forgot about that... snakes dash attack grab range is huge, so it's always the first thing i think of. either way GGz.
    btw, awsome avatar, and lol at your nanner post /dash attack works good :p
    lol, sorry about leaving so quckly, but ppl in my house are being load/annoying, so I couldn't really think straight, but I hope to play you again soon :)
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