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    Which characters benefit more from smash stick over tilt stick?

    For the Pit's it's preference. I never use the right stick but I'd imagine tilt is better as it's safer and the range/options after tilts are more useful.
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    Pit and Dark Pit Matchup Chart

    That doesn't account for players who don't go to tournaments.
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    Is Bair the Wave?

    I disagree that it can be used to replace other moves and I think you can spam it when the opponent is at high percentages and get kills faster than the other options. Why I disagree: FF Fair is a literal wall. It cancels out projectiles like fireball and you still can pressure with it because...
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    Pit ressurects again, Smash for Switch

    My friend the skill cap for arrows is arguably smaller than you think. Timing yeah, especially if you want to charge one, but spacing no because you can b-reverse without tech skill and you can imagine the arrow moving as you move your joystick. Curving twice yeah that's hard but it doesn't...
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    Roleplay or quickplay?

    Roleplay or quickplay?
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    Pit ressurects again, Smash for Switch

    Can someone explain why Pit gains health from standing in them piss hotsprings?
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    Patch 4.0.0 Pit Buffs

    So is dair safe on hit if you space it right already (like the sourspot/left & right sides of the move on the ends)? I think that depends on if a character has a good Up B OoS or something like that.
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    Pit and Dark Pit Matchup Chart

    Let's see if you can try the reverse first and tell me how this matchup is even at best.
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    Patch 4.0.0 Pit Buffs

    Lmao how do you read patch notes like that. Anyways Bair is better and that's all I really care about. Sure utilt is better but no true combos out of that. Dsmash is like a stronger dtilt but riskier. None of this matters too much because fair gets rid of projectiles better
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    How annoying is the above person's main Ultimate edition

    Why does his shield have to be an egg and I can never tell when it's going to be depleted? He clearly takes no skill if he is unlocked from the start. :ultpit:
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    How annoying is the above person's main Ultimate edition

    Not annoying at all unless you try to approach an aerial Falcon kick. Other than that I'd get annoyed when they constantly falcon dive. :ultridley:
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    Who's Better? Pit or Dark Pit? Just a Matchup Preference?

    They are basically the same. I just wanted to see side B trajectories and they appear to have the same distance at 0 as a Pit/Dark Pit double jump making any combos not really possible. Their only other difference is arrows which cannot allow any attacks until the arrow is a significant distance...
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    Dark pit guide: combos and basics

    Good guide. Mostly because it's funneh.
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    Down Throw into Nair... did you know he could do it?

    Dthrow nair is true but you have to move forward a little before you jump.
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