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Recent content by Vipermoon

  1. Vipermoon

    Social Can Ken Ken combo again? - Marth Smash Switch speculation thread

    https://rubendal.github.io/ssbu/#/Diff When I saw he got buffed, I expected the hitboxes to be moved less drastically than they were for Uair and Bair. They're trying to make a significant change here. I truly believe for characters susceptible to unreactable knockdowns/techchase and characters...
  2. Vipermoon

    To all you Marth mains...

    I just do manual short hops then the aerial usually within 1 frame of air time. Same result and you land a little sooner after the hitbox. I've gotten pretty good at it and almost never do the unsafe buffered ones anymore. But I was planning on trying this.
  3. Vipermoon

    Media "Stylish" Marth Strings/Setups

    Sup dude. I'll add this recent one we saw, too: https://twitter.com/Wassabitsuga/status/1173267609099362304?s=19
  4. Vipermoon

    Marth/Lucina vs Ganondorf Matchup

    It's hitlag but on shield. Freeze frames both the attacker (unless projectile) and shielder are in before shield stun occurs.
  5. Vipermoon

    Social Can Ken Ken combo again? - Marth Smash Switch speculation thread

    I thought a lot about angle changes on Fair! See Ike's was reduced from Sakurai to 30° in this game. Roy's was increased from Sakurai to 42° (since Sakurai is 0-to-38° in this game). Robin's was already high. Corrin's even higher (2° off Melee Marth tipper Fair. Chrom and Lucina [and Marth] are...
  6. Vipermoon

    Social Can Ken Ken combo again? - Marth Smash Switch speculation thread

    I agree that Usmash could change with either a lower sourspot or hitbox ID switch, like you said. How should the ID switch work with the dust cloud, though? It shouldn't tipper if they got hit from the ground. But the interpolation won't matter because Usmash comes out on frame 13, where the...
  7. Vipermoon

    Social Can Ken Ken combo again? - Marth Smash Switch speculation thread

    I'll add that now we can read the hitbox data for all characters, we now know if the "tipper zones" truly have gotten smaller or larger. The TL;DR: - Fair and Bair (especially Bair) are a lot harder to tip, boo hoo for edge guards and Bair out of shield. Weird because some of Luci's most...
  8. Vipermoon

    Frame data question

    We don't know what frame the fast fall begins, as it is able to happen at the apex of a jump and we don't know when that is on Marth without testing (it's as easy as training mode frame-by-frame, which I used to get the 28F air time). It makes no difference what move or hitbox you have out, so...
  9. Vipermoon

    Frame data question

    Who said Marth is falling for one frame? The air time includes the time he's falling, however long that takes. His normal short hop is 41 frames of air time, his SHFF is 28 frames of air time. However, I forgot to mention jumpsquat. So inputting this from a neutral position on the ground, with...
  10. Vipermoon

    Frame data question

    Marth's SHFF is 28 frame air time IIRC. So he'll land on 29 and take 7 frames of landing lag. So after a SH Nair FF, Marth can shield on F36. (Lucina too)
  11. Vipermoon

    Best Way to Punish Broken Shield?

    Not sure. I have researched them all. Doing the exact same knockback, not working on shields, and the bonus being super inconsistent (even directly on a humanoid character's head) – I don't care about this mechanic.
  12. Vipermoon

    Lucina Nerfs in 3.0.0?

    I think they won't nerf Lucina. She's not good enough or doesn't have one specific move worth nerfing. Their online results probably aren't too skewed either, because this is a fundamentals character that usually only wins when they're as good as or better than their opponent. They could nerf...
  13. Vipermoon

    Best Way to Punish Broken Shield?

    It does not work on "head" characters.
  14. Vipermoon

    The gap between Marth and Lucina

    I'm talking about the ditto. We don't really see him play the ditto. Unless MkLeo is playing in pools, Lucina is still optimal.
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