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Vicious Delicious

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  • Naa, we need some rational thought so this actually gets somewhere. I wonder if the owner will be fine with it just being a venue for us to use. Even with the gift card, you can still make money. My brother simply sold his 50 dollar card to someone for 45 dollars, benefits both people.

    Hell, even a smashfest, I just wanna ****ing play.

    This is a really inefficient way to communicate. All is brawl chat? Friend Finder? or Aim, I dont care. It just gets annoying waiting 3 minutes for the posts to process.
    Do you want to PM the thread url to everyone from the Florida thread thats listed as southwest florida? I'll split the workload if you want, take the top half.

    I know about 3 additional kids in naples without smashboards accounts that would go.
    Hey, any news on those bi-weeklies? I'm thinking a thread should be made just to see if people would be interested/committed to it.
    Bokobaba is the name of that character in your avatar, silly! Or, at least they were called that in the Wind Waker...
    Haha, my bro went to the Tech Lounge. I got confused when I heard smashmac talk about the play & trade tournament. I thought that was the tourney a the Tech Lounge. BUt about the Play & Trade tourney, WTH was the listing for that. I searched "Naples" but nothing showed up
    Wait, I thought the play and trade tournament was at the Tech-lounge?
    Was there a different tourney I missed?
    I heard a VD won the FFA, assumed it was you.
    What does it take to get one hosted earlier?
    U think we could get a bi-weekly going if I talked to the manager?
    Cuz Wifi sucks and I wanna play some real people other than my brother.
    Naa, I haven't been to either. I was on vacation for the first. My brother went to it and won the singles bracket. He had to leave before the free for all and teams.

    We were going to go to the second one together, but he came down with appendicitis the day before.

    Whens the next Naples Tourney?
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