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    Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #49 Little Mac)

    :pit: - 6/10 - Seeing as the guy hadn't shown up in ages, this was a nice showing and revival for him. The pose shows off his weapon and wings but the weapon aspect feels a bit forced like he is showing it off to a friend. But the biggest knock I have to give him is for his legs. That is one...
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    Smash Shipping - Ultimate Edition

    Today is a good day to spam some screenshots of couples. Yes, a most excellent day. Most of these are themed around WoL struggles between loved ones whether friends, lovers, or strangers that develop a bond. :ultmario:x:ultpeach: :ultwolf:x:ultisabelle:x:ultlucario: Some random ones, could...
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    Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #49 Little Mac)

    Oh, one of the most annoying characters to ever exist from his broken state in Brawl to his annoying sounds. At least his design isn't awful. :metaknight: - 6.5/10 - Serious and straight forward. :4metaknight: - 6/10 - The flying doesn't add as much as I'd expect or want, looks too graceful and...
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    Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #49 Little Mac)

    This is a pretty boring one. :gawmelee: - 5.5/10 - Simple though effective. :gw: - 6.5/10 - Improved former one. :4gaw: - 3/10 - Very boring and one note. :ultgnw: - 6.5/10 - He put on some weight and has a flag now.
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    Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #49 Little Mac)

    :roymelee: - 4/10 - Kind of a off look on his face and overall not that interesting. :4feroy: - 7/10 - Call back to Melee has nostalgic reasons to help excuse it, overall a massive improvement in overall quality and facial work than Melee's. :ultroy: - 8/10 - I feel there is a bit much going on...
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    Snapshot Sharing Thread

    This thread lives! Time to dump more stuff. I don't really got a theme going or whatnot, just some paused moments of glory. I could try, though I see the other poster already took you up on it. I can try to take requests as well though. The world could always use more Screenshot...
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    Social Petey's Garden - Piranha Plant Social Thread AKA Plant Gang HQ

    I for one welcome our new plant overlords. :ultgreninja: can water them, :ultincineroar: can keep them warm in the winter, :ultwiifittrainerm: can supply them with the sun, and :ultlittlemac: can teach them how to punch people in the face. My mains have been training for this day. (though I...
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    2.0.0 Patch?!

    I'm kind of avoiding playing till they do the patch, I went through all my replays the other day and don't really want to feel rushed to go through anything from another evening of playing. In terms of buffs - Hopefully :ultlittlemac: (side b less punishable please) :ultwendy: and :ultkirby: in...
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    Buff wishlist!

    Mainly this. Makes me feel like I'm taking a huge risk whenever I'm using it as it very punishable. There also seems to be a delay to use his Up B after using it as well. That's the main thing I'd like to see buffed currently. I know Kirby and Bowser Jr. need help as well though. I understand...
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    Is wanting to win wrong?

    Best answer here. Though I want to add if you're facing more casual or rather less skilled players than yourself in a casual environment with friends or family... play for fun rather than to win. It's not fun for them to get stomped every match. Change up characters and try risky moves then...
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    Any other pikachu mains getting hate?

    My only comment is that if your friends greatly struggle against your Pikachu or other picks... maybe it's best not to face them with that? I typically change around characters a lot, but I'll especially do this against friends or family who have less experience in the game than me. It's not...
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    What’s your worst habit?

    Not edge guarding. I'm scared I'll kill myself. I also play :ultincineroar: and :ultlittlemac: so that whole area of the stage is just death. Not noticing the person I faced put it on 1 stock to cheese the match and not playing careful enough at the start. Having more trouble against certain...
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    How should franchises that "switch out" main characters be handled? (Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, [maybe] Zelda)

    They should add characters that weer at least decently prominent and would be unique and colorful additions to the cast. Pokemon has aced this, even if some people still disagree on Incineroar. But he does stand out and has a lot of flair to him while offering something new to the cast overall...
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    Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #49 Little Mac)

    Looks like I got a differing opinion on this lot. :mewtwomelee: - 2/10 - Well he does look like an abomination here. Proportions are off, looks pretty bad. :4mewtwo: - 5/10 - Proportions are better, but it's boring. :ultmewtwo: - 5.5/10 - Eyes look better and nice smooth skin, but it's just the...
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    Do we have an explanation on why Alph isn't an echo?

    Another note to add to this is that Pikmin could of really used a boss (Titan Dweevil or Plasma Wraith) or even got Olimar logs for the cast to give a new codec/guidance. I loved reading Olimar's notes on the creatures he encountered and think journal entries on the cast could of been awesome. I...
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