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    Reggie joins Team Liquid

    i just saw this and i really believed this for a quick second...........
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    Who would YOU have added, if you were Sakurai?

    Once I found out they were doing echo characters, I was super excited because there was a chance of Jeanne being added in as Bayonetta's echo fighter!!!! Alas, that did not happen. I felt like that was a SUPER big, missed opprotunity on Sakurai's part. It would have been fun seeing Jeanne...
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    Is Peach the Best Character in the Game?

    This is the most underated comment on smashboards :laugh::laugh::laugh: VENUS
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    Is Peach the Best Character in the Game?

    sorry i dont think there's any negativity or lying allowed on smashboards. please delete your comment :) VENUS
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    Why does SideB connect as they roll through it?

    my guess is that there's a lingering hurt box on Falco just as he began his roll and when Daisy's side B connected. This has happened to me a few times, which is quite frustrating. However I usually do find some way to capitalize on it, usually with a b-air or n-air. It also might be a glitch...
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    Is Peach the Best Character in the Game?

    I do!!! I just feel like other characters have a huge advantage over Peach/Daisy since they have a wide variety of projectiles that can do more things at a distance than what turnips can. VENUS
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    Is Peach the Best Character in the Game?

    *TLDR DOWN BELOW!!* Hello guys!! Venus here! From what most pro players say, seeing different tweets on twitter, and hearing my fellow friend's frustrations on the character, most people genearlly agree that Peach/Daisy is a fore runner for the best character in Smash. Well I completely...
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    General Tips for my Peach?

    For me, when I end up on a losing streak with Peach it is because I end playing too offensively and realize that I am not utlizing turnips to their full potential. Turnips are a POWERFUL tool for Peach, as the can open many possibilites, usually grabs, float nairs (which ofc leads to bigger and...
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    Why are final smashes so hard to dodge?

    I feel like with the added Final Smash meter, final smashes in general were given an overall buff in the "easiness" of landing them, making each final smash a high chance of hitting and turning the favor completely over to the other opponent. However, I do think it is a little ridiculous. Some...
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    hello hello O(≧▽≦)O (new to smashboards!!)

    hello Villains!!!! I'll definitely add you!!! lmk whenever you're up for a battle :-) VENUS
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    hello hello O(≧▽≦)O (new to smashboards!!)

    Hello!!!!!!! My name is Jc aka venus!! I've been playing Super Smash Bros all the way since Smash 64, and have stuck with the series ever since! It wasn't until Super Smash 4 (Wii U specifically), that I tried learning how to play competitively. Peach has always been my favorite character and I...
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