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Venus of the Desert Bloom

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  • “Hey, I caught a fire ant! Nearly burned a hole in my net!”

    Takes it to Blathers…

    “Eh wot! That…that’s a dreaded fire ant! Please. No. Don’t bring it closer. The bite from this little monster is said to feel like fire hence it’s name. I daresay making these beasties angry is like playing with fire, eh wot? I better install a fire detection system if I’m to house these pain inducing monstrosities.”
    Hello. I find that certain images need to be put into other places on smash boards than put on a profile post after copying it from where I send it. Is there anyway I could do this without it being disruptive?
    In a huge fan of disaster movies. The more disastery, the better. Footage of global destruction, NPCs meeting their doom, collapse of civilization…all of the tropes of these moves I love. Except for one thing, the family who somehow survives. Elijah Wood and his new fiancé and her baby brother surviving in Deep Impact, John Cusack family in 2012, Rocks family in San Andreas, and Gerald Butler’s family in GREENLAND. Every so often, we get a disaster movie that doesn’t do that like Dont look Up which sees our heroes die with dignity. This isn’t really a huge thing in these movies because there needs to be hope that humanity can build itself up after such a crisis. We need to know the family we became invested in somehow makes it to see this rebirth.

    I want to see a disaster movie that builds up on itself with each disaster in the movie trumping one another. Asteroids, earthquakes, tornadoes, the works. Maybe even throw in rioting and rebellion for some human moments. But I want to see the movie shift between perspectives so we don’t get transfixed on one group of heroes but more so a Love Actually type movie where we follow different people during the earth’s last moments and how they come to grips with their impending doom. In this fashion, we see different reactions to these extraordinary events while also getting to kill off each person in the movie. Maybe there might be a light in the end of the tunnel but I want it to be a dim light. Life is gonna be hard and I want to see this articulated in the movie. Actually, a post-disaster movie might be interesting which picks up the period in time that’s considered “safe” after such an event where humanity starts picking up the pieces. Could be a politics thriller lol.
    Man, Greenland was a really good movie, one of the few where all of the secondary characters felt like real people and not just plot devices. I also just watched The Happening and it's possibly the worst offender of the trope you mentioned, as there are many moments where the main family felt like they should've gotten infected but didn't because plot convenience (It's also just a bad movie in general).
    Speaking of shifting between perspectives, there is this really good book I read called Drought, wherein a group of kids have to survive on their own when southern California loses access to clean water for three days. It's a decent main story, but what I love most about it is that, between the chapters, there'll be a short scene from the perspective of someone completely unrelated to the main cast struggling with the crisis. Kind of reminded me of your idea which I would love to see played out on the big screen.
    I’m a huge fan of Fallout but I’m tired of seeing the same old west coast. I don’t think it’s possible for a location in another country as it would have to be in a different langauge unless we have like London or something. Sydney would be pretty cool. I really want us to go back to the west coast and be situated in San Francisco, San Diego, or Seattle. Dallas could potentially be interesting too as would Hawaii.
    I don’t typically day dream of weird things and I don’t often say dream at all. But our family watched Encanto foe the upteenth time cause the kids love it. As I was talking a shower last night, I thought “What if there was a fourth sibling along with Bruno called Xavier? What if Bruno was renamed Xavier but had the Gift to read minds?” I then realized it was a missed opportunity to tie in Encanto with X-Men since the Encanto family have Gifts and Xavier runs the mutant school for “Gifted Individuals”. By the time my shower was finished and I was getting into pajamas, I had constructed the entire “We don’t take about Bruno” clip but replacing everyone with Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey.

    I was gonna write this out last night but I opted against it cause I was lazy.
    If GTA 6 ever comes out, I want to see them do it in the game universe’s version of DC. Maybe call it Capital? National City? I think the potential for content in this sort of city to be nothing like we saw before. Politics and such being front and center would be amazing. Shaking down corrupt politicians and extorting them for money, attacking motorcades, fueling demonstrations and protests, and everything in between. I think it has the potential to be sort of controversial but that’s something the series always tiptoes around.
    When I was a 7-8 year old and GTA V released (my dad was really excited about it), all I could think was “wow! I can’t wait until I’m seventeen so I can play this game my parents don’t want me anywhere near. Heck, I bet GTA six will be out by then!”
    And here we are-I’m nearly at the recommended age to play those games, and we still know next to nothing about VI, other than it’s going to be big and it’ll have a female protagonist.
    We don't talk about Geno, no, no, no
    We don't talk about Geno, but
    It was at Ninty’s E3 (it was our E3)
    We were home stream in’, and there wasn't a star in the sky (no stars allowed in the sky)
    Sakurai walks in with a mischievous grin
    You telling this trailer or am I?
    I'm sorry, mi Smasher, go on
    Sakurai says, "It looks like stars" (why did he tell us?)
    In doing so, he floods my tweets
    Chat, get the memes
    Trapped in a 4chan thread
    What a salty day! But anyway
    We don't talk about Geno, no, no, no
    We don't talk about Geno

    Hey, grew to live in fear of Geno speculating or costuming
    I can always hear him sort of tumbling and fumbling
    I associate him with the sound of salty tears, wah wah wah
    It's a silly thing with a doll so uniconic
    Always left Sakurai and the team sorta psychotic
    Grappling with some fans they couldn't understand
    Do you understand?

    A three-foot frame, a cape along his back
    When they call him a lock you all know he does lack
    Yeah, he sees your dreams and feasts on your screams (hey)
    We don't talk about Geno, no, no, no
    We don't talk about Geno

    They told me Mallow was a oufit, the next day, zero (no, no)
    They told me he would here but what we got was Hero (no, no)
    They said that he was super iconic
    That’s what I call a piero (no, no)

    Your fate is sealed when your second to Fearrow.

    He told me that the life of my dreams
    Would be promised, yet somebody would be gone
    He told me that my power would grow
    Like the wavedashes from Melee times (óye, Mario’s on his way)
    He told me that the doll of my dreams
    Would be just out of reach
    As a subpar costume

    It's like I believe him, now

    Hey Peach, I want not a sound out of you
    Um, Geno

    Yeah, about that Geno
    I really need to know about Geno
    Gimme the costume and the deluxe costume, Geno
    (Smash, your dolls here)

    Time for Smashing!!

    Don't talk about Geno, no (why did I talk about Geno?)
    Not a word about Geno
    I never should've brought up Geno!
    Fun little survey without any meaning. Feel free to answer what your want to

    1. What’s your most visited thread?
    2. What area of the forum to you find yourself gravitating to most?
    3. Do you visit any character forum more than any others?
    4. Which thread do you want to join in on but feel you aren’t able to due to several factors?
    5. Do you prioritize post count over like count, both, or neither?
    6. Is a like count > post count ratio indicative of popularity?
    7. Do you want a dislike option?
    8. What forum skin do you use?
    9. What thread do you think is under appreciated/underrated?
    10. How many notifications do you normally get?
    11. How many threads do you watch?
    12. Do you post profile posts more than post in threads or Vice versa.
    13. What thread do you think is overhyped/overrated?
    14. Have you owned a thread before? If so, which one?
    15. What’s your one favorite memory regarding your time on the site during the lifetime of any of the Smash Bros development?
    16. If you could include an appropriate Smiley on the site, what would it be?
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    1. Probably Shonen Jump vs. Capcom, but now that the thread is basically done I think I'll spend the most time on the Fighting Game Crossover thread when that gets brought back

    2. Forum Games

    3. No, I don't visit character threads much

    4. Any creation thread I haven't been able to contribute to in a while or wasn't there since the beginning (hard to see myself going back into Infinite due to my forced break and the Smash Bros. of another universe seems too complicated to jump into now)

    5. I don't really care about that stuff, I just post when I want to and feel like it

    6. Idk, and frankly don't care about that kind of stuff

    7. Maybe, it'd have to be tested out but I don't see any problems with that idea now.

    8. Are you talking about the Smashboards style? Currently I'm using Smashboards Sapphire, like the color combination of Orange and Blue. Or Pfp, because this is the Dead by Daylight perk "Babysitter" and I chose it because I think it looks cool and to show my love of DBD.

    9. Maybe the Smash Cinematic Universe thread, it has a lot of potential

    10. Kind of vague question, I'm going to assume it's hourly, which case I say around ~1-6 each hour. Maybe, idk it's too varied.

    11. Over 50, however I haven't participated in over 10 of them for a while and I don't even always visit them when I get notifications. So around 7 is what I say I'm actively into.

    12. No, I post in thread way more. It's rare to see me in profile posts. I don't even know why I'm filling out this survey tbh.

    13. Idk, maybe the Geno threads. But I never been in them and personally don't understand the appeal of him, I just think there are too many posts for the character in general.

    14. No, I don't have one. I was going to make a DBD survivor for Smash support thread but backed out because I felt nervous. I'm currently trying to make a creation thread but I still don't have an idea I'm 100% confident in and still have problems with being too nervous. Btw, off topic, how would you feel about a Square Enix vs. Disney creation thread, that's the main idea I'm on but still haven't gotten any word if people would be interested in it.

    15. Probably Steve's reveal, it was chaos and I also loved Steve.

    16. I don't quite get the question, if you're referring to just Smileys, I would like to see the Ultimate stages as Smileys (like how the Brawl stages are)
    Zoo Tycoon Zookeeper

    Gimmick: Staff Satisfaction (A meter which measures the staff members optimism which is influenced by how well the staff member is doing in style. Getting an Awesome gives the fighter maxed stats.

    Neutral: Feed Animal (cycle between hay, meat, leaves, fruit, fish, or bugs. Each has an unique property)
    Side Special: Animal Enrichment (Sends out a random animal that ranges from a Lion, Bear, Ost, etc).
    Up Special: Pick Up (A pair of pliers controlled by the omnipotent zoo manager picks the staff member and drags them to a new location)
    Down Special: Sweep up Poo (chance of poisoning opponents. Less you do it, the bigger the pop that is swept up.)

    Final Smash: Killer Penguin (Releases ah evil and blood thirsty Penguin which mauls anyone it comes into contact with.)
    Im waiting for Arc Sys to inevitably make a Genshin Impact anime fighter and, when they do, I will bounce over to that one as well. DnF Duel feels and looks amazing and I can’t wait to try more of it. That being said, I feel Genshin Impact (Genshin Arena, Genshin Final Impact, etc) would lend itself well to a fighting game despite having like…5ish moves to work from. As for a roster,

    1. Traveler (Lumine) (Female)
    2. Traveler (Aether) (Male) <-Evil sibling
    3. Amber
    4. Kaeya
    5. Lisa
    6. Diluc
    7. Jean
    8. Venti
    9. Beidou
    10. Xinqui
    11. Noelle
    12. Barbara
    13. Kamisato Ayaka
    14. Klee

    1. Zhongli
    2. Bennett
    3. Mona
    4. Ganyu
    5. Raiden Shogun
    6. Tartalgia
    7. Xiangling
    8. Sangonomiya Kokomi
    9. Aragaki Ittou
    10. Keqing
    The Lost Island DLC map is a step in the right direction with Ark. I loved all of the freaky and bizarre creatures they have included such as the Maewing, Reaper, and Ferox but I always wanted them to return to their roots: prehistoric creatures. The inclusion of the Amargasarus, Sinomacrops, and Dinopithecus with the Andrewsuchus coming out in the next dlc map. It encourages me we will go back to those prehistoric creatures.

    That being said, here’s a few of them I feel would make excellent creatures to battle against or tame.

    Brachiosaurus: We have a Titanosaur which is absolutely massive but the Brachiosaurus would be a smaller, more compact version and used primarily as a siege mount. Previously for the above mention dinosaur, you had to whack it with ballistas to tame It and even then, it was a temp tame until it starved to death. The Brachiosaurus could be a passive tame meaning you would have to get near to it and feed it without getting stomp to death. As a tame, it would be a siege breaker with the ability to demolish even Tek structures thus being the first one pass the demolished walls of a enemy base.

    Ceratosaurus: In a similar vein, the Ceratosaurus would be a great mount to weaken defenses through ramming based attacks as an alt attack. This could even puncture riots shields and flak armor thus having a penetrating effect. It would be a violent tame thus needing to be knocked out before fed meat. In terms of size though, it would be around the same size as the Carnosaurus.

    Styracosaurus: A hefty herbivore mount who focuses on providing defensive buffs to both the rider and their team. Basically a tank that encourages nearby enemies to aggro onto it. However, it can weather through such attacks thanks to a high defensive stat and health pool. It takes reduced damage at the front and back of the head and has an creature skill that can provide shielding to other nearby team mates and dinosaurs. Like above, it would be a violent tame.

    Pyroraptor: Less of a literal representation of the animal but a creative interpretation. Aside from being a large raptor, slightly larger than a Raptor in Ark, it would have both the ability to breath fighter, take reduced damage to fire attacks, be invulnerable to heat, and cause heat based damaged when nearby. Unlike many carnivorous creatures, the Pyroraptor is a passive tame which requires hitting it with a flamethrower when it becomes cooler without aggroing it.
    For a long time, Mass Effect was my most favorite gaming franchise. I could reply this game for years on end and still have fun with it. It’s no small wonder that my entire persona here is based on the series.

    But within a span of a year, ARK has almost overtaken this. I’m completely and utterly absorbed by this game and I haven’t even played all the maps yet. I am looking forward to future ARK content.
    Ultimate is bar none my most favorite roster in not only Smash history but gaming in general. To me, it hits all the right notes in ways that no other roster can. Not only did it bring back fan favorites and past characters, it also included two of the most speculated characters: Ridley and K. Rool while expanding the roster with Echoes that due far more justice to their source material than clones previously did. In terms of legacy representation, it really goes above and beyond with gems such as Dragon Quest, Fatal Fury, and Kingdom Hearts while also looking into Nintendo’s history and future with characters such as Banjo Simon, Pyra, and Min-Min. Meanwhile, bringing in full and engaging movesets from iconic and popular franchises such as Steve, Joker, and Kazuya. Finally, Smash also expanded past series with inclusions such as Plant, Isabelle, Byleth, and Sephiroth which was a beyond amazing addition and one that truly made me beyond happy. Not to mention the content that was included while staying true to the source material in a Smash-like way. Yes, the Netcode is poopy and online is nigh-playable. It would of been great had Nintendo focused on that in light of the pandemic but it’s positives far outweighs the negatives.

    Say what you want about Ultimate but it’s truly a masterpiece, a form of art, and is a testament to the history of gaming in regards to Nintendo’s involvement. Yeah, some franchises of particular note are absent as are genres and historical and iconic series but those can be overlooked in light of what is “doable” and able to be accomplished. With what Smash was given and what was realizable, Ultimate pays tribute to the history of gaming in a way Smash can.

    I hope that any sort of sequel or reboot takes a page from Ultimate and looks to what it did to the series as a whole.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule
    That’s what I kind of liked about the roster. The lack of direction allowed the choices and content to be far less limiting. I think that’s one of the strengths of the series.

    Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario - Staying true to the character’s source is extremely important; especially for particular characters. Slapping on a few moves here and there that a character uses in their game plus a more iconic attack isn’t going to cut it for DLC.

    They did deliver though. There isn’t having realistic expectations and then there is pipedream expectations. It’s ridiculous to criticize a game to not live up to pipedream expectations and then expect people to understand why criticism is warranted. It simply isn’t as those expectations don’t have a ounce of realism in them. They fully delivered on “celebration of gaming” from a realistic standpoint.

    I hope they continue this trend in the future while also revamping and updating the veterans.
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    "Staying true to the character’s source is extremely important; especially for particular characters. Slapping on a few moves here and there that a character uses in their game plus a more iconic attack isn’t going to cut it for DLC."

    Important for empty hype, not important for fighting game design. Look at Min Min or Mega Man for example. A lot of mechanics, concepts, and abilities that work in certain genres will not work in a platform fighter. Smash should be designed as a platform fighter first and foremost.

    "They fully delivered on “celebration of gaming” from a realistic standpoint."

    "Celebration of gaming" is a hefty term and if there's to be ANY asterisks, it's disqualified, the term holds too much weight. Gaming history is important, and nobody should gather an opinion of it based on a game that holds Ice Climber and Banjo-Kazooie in higher regard than everything Sony or Atari ever made - and openly celebrates a literal bootleg without even a passing mention of its originator. If a true celebration of gaming history is impossible, SO BE IT - I'm not settling for less. I don't even want Smash to become some big ubercrossover (my most wanteds are Muddy Mole and Jill Dozer for cryin' out loud!), I want it stop - intentionally or otherwise - revising gaming history in Nintendo's favour.
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Venus of the Desert Bloom
    Fair enough. I think that’s one of the more interesting aspect about the Smash is that their are a lot of perspectives on what Smash is and should be. Smash’s definitions change over the years. I’m going to be up front and say I find nothing wrong with people hating on Smash, for thinking it’s a sell out, or for being “only 1st party”. It’s their opinion and if they wanna stand by it - they are more then welcome to. As for me, I’m perfectly fine giving into the hype of Smash and congratulating Sakurai and his team for anything they put into it. The reason is because I don’t have such an emotional stake in the series not I am super connected to my own opinions that I don’t flip my **** when someone I feel Dmash is missing something. Smash has gone far and beyond what I thought was possible for the series and Ultimate only brought me delight upon delight with the Dark Samus, Belmonts, Ken, Isabelle, Ridley, K Rool, Hero, Banjo, Terry, Kazuya, Sephiroth, and Sora - all characters from my childhood to my teens. Ultimate made me personally happy the amount of content and detail the team put into the package with what the resources they were given really impressed me. Even if it didn’t, I highly doubt I would be upset at Smash because I’ve been happy with what Smash has become and the direction it’s going. As for Min-Min, that’s a solid A moveset that blew my mind. A lot better then blasters, reflect, and two directional dash attacks. More unique and true to the source the better in my opinion. As I said before, there are different perspectives on what a celebration of gaming is. While Atari is pivotal, to have a character rep, I would say 100% no. There’s more to recognizing a series impact in the industry other than characters.

    Ultimate isn’t perfect….but it’s pretty close I feel. Call me blind. Stupid. Consumerist. I’m fine with that cause I like Ultimate and the end result made me happy.
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    I always thought it was strange that despite the potential that exists, Marvel didn’t jump on the Overwatch care and didn’t create a Marvel hero shooter. The characters almost write themselves. Three specials plus Ultra and a passive would work most characters.

    Iron Man could have a hand blaster for standard attack, a homing rockets, and chest blaster while the Ultra would be summoning an orbital laser to hit an area where he selects. The passive would be extended airtime while jumping and holding down the jump button.

    Captain could have a shield bash for a standard attack and the specials being a shield throw, a reflector, and a 360 degree shield spin around him. The Ultra could be him charging forward with his shield for massive damage before launch everyone while the passive would be the ability to half damage while in idle stance.

    How about you? What kits do you envision for the other heroes?
    That's a fun concept. I have a few ideas:

    Scarlet Witch: Hex Blast standard attack. Specials are illusion decoy, binding magic, astral projection. Ultimate is creating a chaos field that buffs her allies and damages foes. Passive is a special modifier for luck-based events.

    Shatterstar: Attacks with both swords standard attack. Specials are portals, knife throwing, and a spin slash. Ultimate is a giant vibration shockwave. Passive is slow health regeneration.

    Ms. Marvel: Straight punch standard attack. Specials are shrinking, embiggening, and a twin slam with giant hands. Ultimate is calling on and riding Lockheed. Passive is traveling through all terrains.
    Dr. Doom: Arcane Gauntlet Blast as a default attack, An attack similar to Doom's Mystical Bomb from Fortnite, Doom's Chair as a mobility move that allows him to float, An ability where doom uses his suits hidden missiles and an ultimate where he becomes God Emperor Doom.
    Universal Smackdown when?

    Beethoven, Woody the Woodpecker, Gru & Minions, Boss Baby, Shrek, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Jason Bourne, Blue the Raptor, Harry and Lloyd, and more.

    1/2 serious, 1/2 ****posting.
    I rarely care what people think is regards to what I like and enjoy since my tastes vary and encompass a wide range of mediums and genres. That being said, earlier this year, I had an argument with someone off site on a Nintendo-based server about open-world games. The person in question shared a detest for them and how they are the “shining new object that Brain-dead gamers gather to like moths to a bug zapper” and that they lack the charm and polish of a more linear game like a platformer. I agreed to an extent but also pointed out that open-world games have been around for quite some time and offer a new aspect and viewpoint to gaming that people can appreciate. Eventually, the argument became more personal as the person said that people who enjoy open-world games are consumer whores and aren’t true gamers. I avoided getting into the mud slinging but, I admit, I poked fun at their hobby of playing retro games. I shouldn’t have but the persons aaeeoinggeneralizations of open-world was woefully unfounded and stereotypical.

    Some people groan when they hear open-world and for due cause since it seems like every other games has this new expansive place to explore and, sadly, is filled with nothing. I get it. But I still like open-world games with the ability to choose how you play it. To me, those are thrilling to play. This stems from my younger days when I wished I could see the boundaries that extended past the screen when playing Mega Man. Or jumping off the track on Rainbow Road in hopes I somehow vaulted over the boundary into blackness. Finding these boundaries and looking to bypass them was something I was obsessed about in my early gaming. Or using the sniper rifle in Dam on Goldeneye to spot the other watch tower. Seeing objects from afar but yet in the game enthealled me. So naturally, my first foray into open-world games being Morrowind opened something inside me that was hard to ignore: a desire to explore games unfettered by linear storytelling and narrative. The freedom to choose where you want to go and how to go about doing it. The freedom to see everywhere you want to go instead of jogging over to the marketplace that’s beautifully painted in some hills as you walk down a path that centered by a stationary camera.

    So when Wind Waker released, I got that feeling again. The freedom of sailing island to island. Now, I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go really due to the narrative as you are bound to complete story-related quests but I’ll never forget the thrill of seeing islands far in the distance slowly creep up into view until I finally arrive. It was so much fun.

    In all my long history of gaming, open-world has left me feeling far more satisfied, interested, and captivated while also fueling me with a desire to see these boundaries in what an open-world could be. Skyrim was one of my most favorite games ever and that showed what boundaries could be pushed When creating such a massive world. GTAV showed me how an open-world could interact with those who inhabit it. BotW showed me how an open-world could drive a narrative and yet still feel free. And Ark Survival Evolved showed me how an open-world could lead to all sorts of creativity by utilizing what you find. Genshin Impact showed how an open-world might look amazing and with tons of life but still feel shallow and hollow (I still play it every so often tho lol).

    It certainly has its bad apples but I can look to open-world games and say “I have some of the best memories of gaming with these.” I’ll never forget walking through the snows of Skyrim and happening upon a Dragon. Or driving in GTA in the rain and escaping from a five Star chase. Or building a base in Ark only for a Spinosaurus to venture into the area and destroy everything I created thus causing me to pack up and relocate. These were fun memories that were created.

    So yeah , I don’t know if anyone hear despises or dislikes open-world games and that’s fine if you do but I think it’s important to realize it has its fans who find joy and appreciation in the genre.

    This post came about during my viewings of Elden Ring and being enamored with what FromSoftware created but also remembering that Souls-like games were never really this open-worlded. So watching them didn’t feel like Souls as much others and felt more Skyrim-ish.

    Oh, and that original argument I had stemmed from me saying I would love to see an open-world Metroid which would push the boundaries of space exploration in a game (No Man’s Sky didn’t itch that scratch for me). The person I was arguing said it was be the most idiotic idea ever. We shall see…
    I hardly ever check Sakurai’s Twitter but I’m glad I did.

    As a diehard Elder Scrolls fan…

    I was beyond happy to get this. Both the costume and the Tweet.
    I really hope the rumors are true for Injustice 3. It’s such a great series I hate seeing NetheRealm push it to the side for yet another MK title. I love MK but we just got 11 within the last few years. I want to see it age a bit before we get another. Anyways, He-Man, Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang, and Neo are absolutely 100% amazing additions but I also would love to see the following guests:

    For MK:

    I would prefer Goro over Cage to give the MK reps some villains.

    As for guests, here’s my top picks:
    The Tick
    Witchblade (perhaps skins involving every incarnation of Witchblade)
    Skeletor (even maybe replace He-Man)
    Space Ghost
    Kamen Rider (for a more Japanese take on the roster)
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    I’d definitely prefer Skeletor to He-Man, but of course if we had them both we can reenact THE PIZZA HE-MAN

    now If Space Ghost got in I’m buying this game in a heartbeat
    If Space Ghost were to get in, this game would shoot to the top of my wishlist. Not gonna lie though, some pretty epic picks there - I'm actually surprised they never did Kamen Rider before, and Skeletor and Lion-O sound like really cool picks too. The Tick seems like he could work well, and from the 30 seconds of Googling I've done on Witchblade, they seem like cool additions too!

    Me and a few of my friends in college actually have a sort of inside joke that Inspector Gadget would be one of the single best joke picks for an Injustice game due to his endless array of abilities and skills, as well as his ability to zone by stretching his limbs a little like Dhalsim... maybe he could snoop his way into the roster? LMAO
    Bloody Roar is one of my most favorite fighting games which says a lot considering I was brought up playing Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, KoF, Fatal Fury, SamSho, SFvsXMen, and Mortal Kombat as a child. Something about combining my most favorite gaming genre with that of my childhood interest (animals) really caught my attention. I was captivated by the ability of humans to transform into beast-like creatures. Like Xenamorphs met Tekken…kind of. I’ve been seeing people asking for Darkstalkers get revived finally but I don’t hear much talk on Bloody Roar.

    I would love the series be revived with a complete overhaul of its story. In my opinion, they should bring back the original roster which would be:
    • Yugo the Wolf
    • Alice the Rabbit
    • Gado the Lion
    • Bakuryu the Mole
    • Long the Tiger
    • Mitsuko the Boar
    • Greg the Gorilla
    • Hans the Fox
    While also adding a few notable characters from later games including:
    Jenny the Bat
    Busujima the Chameleon
    Reiji the Crow

    Obviously, these characters would also be greatly overhauled with more depth in both story and gameplay. Would think I would love to see for more variation with in Hyper Beast Mode. Previously, only a few characters received an unique Hyper Beast Form. I think having more fetal designs that give them a more monstrous look plus a few new attacks plus Hyper a Beast Attacks to be ideal for this game - especially how modern fighting games are like nowadays.

    As for newcomers, I personally think the game should include a good number of newcomers to bring new life into the series. I think they could be great to sell the game to players and fans alike. In my own envisioned Bloody Roar story, Gado the Lion is more politician than Solider and is trying to rally for a Zoanthrope kingdom; set away from human countries. So he starts a war against several nearby countries to claim land for such a Kingdom.

    Heres my list of newcomers:
    Genbu the Tortoise: A cranky yet well-intentional Japanese monk who stands against the call for a Zoanthrope kingdom. He is the teacher of Yuga. A slow and defensive fighter who focuses on defensively offense tactics. His beast form is a large tortoise with a spiked shell. He joined the fight to teacher the yungin’s a thing or two about ideals.

    Talon the Eagle: An ace fighter pilot who rose to Gado’s second in command. He is fully married to the idea of a Zoanthrope Kingdom and will stop at nothing to see it through. He views very little of humanity and considers them weak compared to Zoanthropes. While he follows Gado, he follows more so his ideal than the man himself. His beast form is that of an eagle and he is capable of flight in his form.

    Billy the Goat: A brawler for hire who likes to rough people up for the fun of it. This bouncer turned brawler for hire got mixed up in the Zoanthrope by accident but has no qualms getting his hooves dirty. He has no particular allegiances but purely loves to fight for the thrill of it. As long as their is a pint of beer waiting for him, he’s good to go. His playstyle is both a boxer and a grappler with improvised attacks thrown in. His beast form is that of a goat.

    Tsubaki the Butterfly: Tsubaki is a type of Japanese flower which is fitting for this ninja-like character. A kunochi from Japan who works in service of the prime minister. She was tasked by him to foil the attempt to create a Zoanthropia Kingdom as it would put Japan in trouble. She eventually comes to be unsteady allies with Yugo, Alice, Mitsuko, and Long. Her fighting style is quick and agile moves that focus on debilitating her opponents than outright damage output. Her beast form is a butterfly.

    ded4eva: A famous graffiti artist, musician artist, skateboarder, influencer, and DJ; ded4eva doesn’t take much things seriously and lives for the moment. His only interest is documenting this for his 10 millions viewers on Beastagram while posing for the camera. To him, all of this is a joke and won’t waste time trolling the other fighters. Plus, he gets paid while doing it. His fighting style is improvised and unorthodox with street-type attacks as well as those infusing graffiti, DJ, and skateboarding. His beast form is a hyena.

    Camila the Pantera: Miguel is a freedom fighter who seeks to liberate the Zoanthropia population of her homeland rather than add in global effort. She views that in order for such an uprising to take place, it must be a grassroots effort started within countries to create a foothold and then taken to the global stage. For that reason, she has risen against both Gado and his detractors. His gameplay is ambush and bait and trap type attacks as well as closequarter and tight attacks using herknife or claws. Her beast form a is black Panther.

    Omega then Alpha: This primordial beast was the very first Zoanthropia in creation. Frozen in time in the polar ice caps, a background clandestine organization unthawed this monstrosity for their own purposes. He was set lose on the world and would become the de facto final boss of the game. As well, any BlooodyRoar game needs an OP cheap character and this is my answer to that. Capable of fire-type attacks, creating lava, and shaking the earth, Omega strikes fear with onslaught of attacks. His beast form is a TRex-type dinosaur.
    Since Nintendo couldn’t add one of my favorite music artists in Smash, I’ll be posting Utada Hikaru videos daily to celebrate their career and being marginally “linked” to Smash.

    I wrote up a huge piece why Sora and KH was the perfect way to finish the dlc but smashbaords glitched and refreshed. Here’s the shorter version:

    Sora and KH was 101% the best way to finish DLC. It has all the tenderness, sentiment, and magic that is needed to wrap up speculation of a game that’s 3 years old. This is a bittersweet moment and using a series known for bittersweet moments was the way to go. This is coming from not a KH fan by the way. Crash, Chief, Hayabusa, no one could pull this off. This was a beef some had with how Sm4sh ended. It was good but lacked the tie in with our final character. Everything about this trailer and the presentation was 101% the best way to end it. The character and series choice, presentation, art direction, and storyboard. Just simply magical and bittersweet. I can’t imagine carrying that same sentimental feeling with a character and series like Crash or even someone like 2B or Doomguy. None of these lack the historical connection Sora has with Smash speculation nor the sentimental and emotional delivery that comes with it. That’s why I don’t understand why a few amount of people don’t think Sora was the best choice since I feel they don’t look at it within the bigger picture of the presentation/finale itself and Sora second. This past presentation and what Sora represents is just as much about him as it was about the finale. It felt they were made for each other.
    I once thought Brawl was the beat roster because it included characters that deserved to be in. Then I thought Smadh 4 had the best roster for charqcters I hadn’t considered but were nonetheless amazing inclusions. Now, with Ultimate finished, I can safely say Ultimate has the best roster for a collection of all PCR both plus fulfilling some many dreams. What game can literally say: we have characters people wanted forever, characters who people never thought about, and characters that now one thought would ever happened but did. Congrats everyone. Thank you Nintendo and Sakurai! It’s been one wild ride.
    Project Dream: Smash Bros Disney Project is up. The thread will update every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Weekends. We added Micky Mouse and Donald Duck. We are now submitting a popular Disney movie character. Submissions end on Tuesday.
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