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Venus of the Desert Bloom

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    Just got a new computer and it shows Japanese text.

    Awesome, now I feel like learning Japanese again.
    Found Anki, but it's pretty expensive. I do have a $50 Best Buy gift card, so I may give it a try later.

    Also realize that I have a ton of material to cover, but taking my time seems to be the best option.
    I'll make sure to download East language onto my computer when I get the time. Hopefully, your suggestion in regards to the keyboard helps.

    Oh and I searched Aniki on my iPad and only found an alarm game of some sort. It's a different title overall. Did I search it wrong?

    Also, I have an app called Learning Japanese that's supposed to help with grammar. I'll see where that takes me.
    You can tell that I am just about to begin to learn Japanese. Right now, I'm trying to go through programs on my iPad to learn Japanese. I'll be going through what I can afford first/what's free and start from there. Then move on to other subjects.

    I'll be happy as a clam once I become fluent in it. I just wish I knew how to get a keyboard that typed Japanese words as well as get a computer that can read Japanese words (I can only read Japanese words on my iPad, my computer is not strong enough to handle Japanese and I can't afford to upgrade it now).
    Really can't wait to learn Japanese. Been wanting to do so for a very long time and now I realize the many ways to do so. Your recent post about Bowser Jr. where you used (I think) hiragana reminded me of that.

    Have to say, your blog about your experience Japan inspired me to learn the language starting just today, though my fondness for anime helps. BTW, would starting with using my iPad for learning it (they have programs for it) be a good start?
    No problem at all man! I know exactly the feel you are talking about whether you feel like a dolt or not haha.
    Hey, I just wanted to let you know, but I really like your posts man. They are really insightful and almost always a good read.
    If by hater you mean someone with better taste than liquified cholera infested **** then yes! :denzel:
    Thank you so much!! That means a lot :) I'm just very happy that they're being well received and that people genuinely love how they're coming out! That makes me really glad.

    I hope you like the Tales logo! :) I put some thought and extra effort into that one! haha
    I know right? It had to be long ago cause VHS was relevant.

    Now we get to sound super old by going "when I was a boy I remember sitting there and waiting for my favourite tapes to rewind!"

    Technology has moved kinda fast hasn't it?
    OMG there was a trailer? o__o

    I just got the game with my N64 and had no idea what it was going to be like, honestly thought it was going to suck. Part of what I loved it, just what a joy it ended up being when I had no idea.

    Great childhood experience. :D
    I'm your Venus
    I'm your fire
    Your desire

    Sorry that has popped up in my head every time I've seen your name on SWF and hopefully getting that out my system will kill it.
    God, you're like the 15th person I've stopped myself and said "huh, I thought we were friends!" :laugh:

    I am really bad at keeping track of that kind of stuff I guess! :ohwell:
    No You Spelled Guile's name Wrong in the First Post! XD
    also here's an image of his standing animation.
    Nope, I'm not the only moderator; Xiivi, TheReflexWonder (my current mentor), and Pikabunz also moderate the Smash 4 boards.
    Thank you. I think the fact that I tried to keep the old Smash 4 thread on-topic may have helped. Anyway, don't feel too bad for missing the guidelines thread.
    Oh come on. Now you're just going to make me feel completely terrible about the fact that I only made it my avatar because I thought the sight of a bear joyously frolicking while a girl watches the burning wreckage was just inherently hilarious. Now I'm just gonna sulk away due to my cultural ignorance.

    But hey, if I could, I would totally move to Kumamoto. Anything to get away from this side of Jersey.
    Yeah, it's pretty cool. I like clicking random links in the front page and see what I get from there. Also, happy birthday! :D
    Actually, I just realized that you barely stumbled upon them. You should check more of their stuff. It's cool :)
    Cool. I like to listen to everything as well. I just checked out the thread again and you linked to Dazzle Vision. Very nice :) Would you happen to be a fan of ミドリ? :awesome:

    I loveeeeeeeee them.
    OH. You replied to my VM on your own profile, haha. That's cool! I just looked at the "Rate the song posted above" thread and you like Circle Takes the Square too? What else do you like? =0
    Just thought I'd let you know I appreciate your posts regarding life in Japan. I feel slightly more educated every time you post stuff about it, lol.
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