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  • Oh come on. Now you're just going to make me feel completely terrible about the fact that I only made it my avatar because I thought the sight of a bear joyously frolicking while a girl watches the burning wreckage was just inherently hilarious. Now I'm just gonna sulk away due to my cultural ignorance.

    But hey, if I could, I would totally move to Kumamoto. Anything to get away from this side of Jersey.
    Yeah, it's pretty cool. I like clicking random links in the front page and see what I get from there. Also, happy birthday! :D
    Actually, I just realized that you barely stumbled upon them. You should check more of their stuff. It's cool :)
    Cool. I like to listen to everything as well. I just checked out the thread again and you linked to Dazzle Vision. Very nice :) Would you happen to be a fan of ミドリ? :awesome:

    I loveeeeeeeee them.
    OH. You replied to my VM on your own profile, haha. That's cool! I just looked at the "Rate the song posted above" thread and you like Circle Takes the Square too? What else do you like? =0
    Just thought I'd let you know I appreciate your posts regarding life in Japan. I feel slightly more educated every time you post stuff about it, lol.
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