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    One of the original 8 characters has to be cut. Who should it be?

    Jigglypuff... like, we already have a Pokemon, we don't need two.
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    Countering (Projectile) Spam - Ultimate

    anything with lag is awful. chars like K rool in particular are stupidly annoying because of how cheese they are
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    If I’m in Elite Smash how good am I?

    Grats, but I wouldn't factor it in any meaningful discussion. Nothing is stopping me from just using my sister's switch to match my switch and then constantly rematch to get liek 10 trillion GSP effortlessly
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    Why is online in this game so bad?

    1. Unbearably laggy, kind of expected for Smash online play 2. Randomly got the smash 64 zelda stage with the tornados... was really weird 3. Most people just try to cheese GSP, I think getting rid of GSP and Elite Smash as well as things like win rate would make it better. Just have a for fun...
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    Major glitch?

    Don't remember if it was hot BUT I remember it was on for several hours. Also, even if stage hazards are on, how does that affect FD?
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    Major glitch?

    Wow, that is literally the exact same effect! Both Yoshi and Lucina are present in this video as well... hmmm...
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    Major glitch?

    The issue is that I couldn't save the replay. The match length was 99 minutes. 1. Four Yoshis versus Four Lucinas, CPU's. 2. All level 9 3. These specific items were enabled: Smash Ball, Assist Trophy, PokeBall, Masterball, Dragoon Parts, Container, Blast Box, Fake Smash Ball, SandBag, Hammer...
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    Major glitch?

    So what I like to do when I'm not playing is have 8 player CPU's fight each other with items. Did it since Smash 64, do it now. I played a few 8 man CPU battles with all level 9's for 99 minutes on the Spear Pillar stage as I'm on my PC and at about the 34 minute mark it seems that the camera...
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    Current GSP for Elite ~1.3 Million 12/15

    I wouldn't worry about being in elite smash / not being in it. All it does is just make your matchmaking slightly less likely to get the random items on person.
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    Are level 9 CPU's good for training or no?

    I know that they are more than skilled enough to be sparring partners. However, few issues: 1. Their reaction times are inhuman (obviously). This encompass things such as them NEVER FAILING to tech anything, perfect shield, etc. 2. Despite the above, they are still prone to stupidly obvious...
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    Are CPUs Smarter in SSBU?

    No matter the smash game CPU's have a really bad case of just jumping into smash attacks. You can play ganon and just charge Fsmash and you hit at least 3/5 of them each time because the CPU's always jump into you.
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    If you could add two bosses to World of Light, who would you add?

    Duon because that was a fun fight in brawl.
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    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    I actually don't mind Incineroar, but jesus christ his recovery is worse than Mac's, I swear..
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    Patches Ultimate Needs

    - Stage builder. One like Brawl's, not Smash 4's. - Descriptions of Spirits like trophies. - Something to indicate you have unlocked all music like a milestone or something. Speaking of which, a better way to unlock music aside from buying them. - Fix Ice Climbers. This unholy abomination of a...
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