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Recent content by vegeta18

  1. vegeta18

    quad plat?

    so we currently have legal stages such as : 0 plat: fd 1 plat: smashville, yi(brawl) 2 plat: pokemon stadium 3 plat: battlefield, lylat this got me thinking, would a 4 platform stage work? How would you place the platforms in order to make a good 4 platform stage usable in tournament? I was...
  2. vegeta18

    flowchart on how to unlock every char in ultimate

    through vs mode and classic no WOL https://imgur.com/a/YQvLenK
  3. vegeta18

    play smash ultimate early is it possible?

    but does anyone know if what i am suggesting would actually work?
  4. vegeta18

    play smash ultimate early is it possible?

    So i am wondering if i figured out a way that we can all enjoy smash ultimate as early as 8am est time on dec 6th but i need some help and im not entirely sure if it works. So if you buy a game digitally, it unlocks at 12:00am in the timezone of the account you purchased the game. So if you buy...
  5. vegeta18

    is there still a chance for demo?

    jw do you guys think there is still a chance we got some sort of playable smash ultimate demo? like one that everyone could play on their switch b4 the game comes out maybe similar to the 3ds demo we got. Or is it too late at this point?
  6. vegeta18

    E3 Demo Damage Chart

    so this is all from free for all right? damage will be less
  7. vegeta18

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    so you guys think we`ll get any info on ANY nintendo games? like an fe direct pokemon direct or something, this month still? from the sounds of it seems like e3 is the next time we are really gonna get any info and then they will probably do a pokemon direct shortly after
  8. vegeta18

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    can switch do 8 player?
  9. vegeta18

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    how many ppl think we will get any tidbit of news b4 the end of the month ? news or announcement, or trailer or update tweet or anything
  10. vegeta18

    Social The Ice Climber Communitiy

    what im most curious about is, if ice climbers were going to be in smash 4 without chain grabbing , and if there in the new one without, how good are they going to be? I always felt like chain grabs was the entire gimmick of ice climbers in competitive play and if people can beat them even with...
  11. vegeta18

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    i really cant wait for them to give us like any bit of information at all
  12. vegeta18

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    you guys think transformation characters could come back now that they dont gotta worry about 3ds?maybe something like pokemon trainer? Also why did they get rid of glides ? did they ever give a reason? I feel like some characters like pit and charizard could really benefit from this option
  13. vegeta18

    Smash Switch Release Date Guessing

    Which month do you think smash for switch will be released? just curious as to see the time frame most ppl are thinking, guess the month or feel free to post whatever time frame you expect the switch smash bros game to be released and let us know why!
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